JV Notify Pro 2.0 Anyone know whats going on?

Profile picture of the author MAV923 by MAV923 Posted: 04/15/2011
Sorry if this isnt the right place, but the right place doesnt work, sooo read it all then go ahead and blast away.

I have a login and password, but I am unable to log into the site.
I have left support tickets but they never get answered.
I have had my password reset, and it doesnt make any difference.

I know they were upgrading, but this has been about 2 weeks.

Thanks, Martin
#notify #pro

  • Profile picture of the author melissatafa
    Hey Martin,

    Which url are you trying to login at? I'm using JVNotifyPro 2.0 and I can get in just fine?

    Here's the link to support too:-
    JVNotifyPro.com Support

    Hope this helps!

  • Profile picture of the author Ashley Wright
    Ashley Wright
    Same problem Martin,

    After awhile I just gave up, because it was just going back and forth!

    I only wanted to see what was new etc, but got to frustrated!
  • Profile picture of the author Clint Butler
    Clint Butler
    The link Melissa provided works just fine, in there right now.

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