Sore neck and shoulders? You may have a problem with the height of your keyboard and/or screen.

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I have been struggling with discomfort in my neck and shoulders for years. After receiving a new desktop computer with a huge screen as a birthday gift (I have always just used my trusty laptop) I found my neck and right shoulder becoming even more painful.

I finally figured out the problem is the height of the table I work at. So I started looking around at some of the ergonomic sites.

No wonder I am having a problem!

Unfortunately even by rising my chair as high as it will go and adding a pair of pillows I am still not sitting high enough and I am not a short person.

It seems that the only thing left for me to do is to cut down the legs of my desk/table bit by bit till I get it to the right height for the keyboard and then, if need be, add height to the screen by placing blocks or something under it.

Does anyone else have this problem? What have you done about it?

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    I have the same problem when i work on my laptop....u should make sure the screen is in your eye level....use a keyboard and a mouse
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    Your problem probably has a lot to do with your chair and
    your posture in it.

    You can also try working standing up. That can help.

    There are dual-height systems available for people who prefer to
    alternate between standing and sitting.

    I've studied this a lot actually. My neck and shoulders get pretty

    You might try working your shoulders by lifting small dumbells. Working
    the area brings blood into it and that can help alleviate the pains.

    Also, look at Robin McKenzie's stuff on back and neck exercises.

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