Why Most FAIL At Article Marketing....

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Hey Warriors,

I'm going to make this quick because I know you're all busy (or should be!)

I want to briefly explain why so many marketers FAIL at article
marketing and how YOU can make sure it works for you every single

Essentially, article marketing is one of the simplest forms of
promotion you can use online. All you need to do is create some
free content and submit it to some of the most popular websites on
the Internet, which in turn can attract hundreds or thousands of
unique visitors...

However, from my experience - around 90% of marketers who "try" and
make it with article marketing simply FLOP. Why? Well it's simple:

>> They Don't Have A "Purpose" For Their Articles <<

Let me explain.

ANYONE can write and submit articles - I wouldn't be surprised if my
Grandma had to be honest.

However, it's not the fact that you "can" submit articles which is
going to earn you money. It's how well you use the articles you
create to market to your clients.

Whenever I write an article, I ALWAYS without fail examine exactly
what I want to achieve from it and then work my hardest to make
sure the article DELIVERS that goal to me.

This way, I can adpot a writing style and structure which will
either earn me direct sales from the article OR attract a bunch of
visitors to my site.

So many marketers simply write for writing's sake and "forget" to
market to their visitors. It's CRAZY because I see it time and time

So my advice to you is this: next time you sit down to write some
promotional articles, think about what you want to achieve from
each one and then write to make sure it deliveres.

Looking at it now, this principle actually works for most aspects
of marketing. Instead of just running around like a headless
chicken and getting nothing done, if you set out to achieve little
steps with each piece of marketing you put out there, you'll not
only become more productive but also more successful.

Would you agree?

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  • Profile picture of the author johntanyishin
    Great post, many have written articles to achieve traffic and higher rankings without a sense of direction in their articles.

    Like it was always said, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

  • Profile picture of the author braver55b
    Hey Warriors,

    When this man speaks, listen ( I have bought his product and got his free ebooks as well) he really knows what he's talking about.
    • Profile picture of the author ebooks4u
      I admit that it's easy to post lots of articles with only the idea of backlinks in mind.

      But whatever you write, be it an article or a blog post, always make sure to write something that your readers will find useful.

      In other words; quality matters. People will judge you on your knowledge on the subject you write about, and willingness to help/share with them.

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