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Do you post your articles and 2 or 3 places or do you not do this due to duplicate content issues?

Also - is there any recommend article sites besides ezine articles - not crap ones - good ones.

There doesn't seem to be any that compare.
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    I'm not sure about this. I've heard it's an alternative to post articles as well.

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      do a google on "article directory"

      the ones that pop out near the top are the ones that will do your article the most good.
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    I firmly believe there is a method to doing the ezine thing. Finding the right ezines that match your opportunity/product/service is a must. Things like subscribing to that Ezine and trying to contact the publisher are all important. Building a rapport with the readership will often increase efficacy of your ads. This means advertising in the same ezine a number of times. Charlie Page's directory does a good job as does ezinearticles.com and I'm keen to look at buzzle.com too.
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      Don't forget to add your articles to HubPages. Many of my articles come up at Google in a high position, via HubPages only.

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