How Do You Do Those Scrolling Credits In Camtasia?

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The title says it all.

I don't see any function for this so I'm guessing you have to create them
using your artistic knowhow...which I ain't got.

Any help will be appreciated.

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    I can't find the feature in Camtasia, but here are a few alternatives that I think would work.

    You can create the rolling credits in Powerpoint and just screen capture that or you can create them in Windows Movie Maker and probably import it into Camtasia or at least screen capture it.
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    I use Sony Vegas for scrolling credits.
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    > Windows Movie Maker

    > Edit Movie

    > Make Titles or Credits

    > Add Credits at the end of the movie

    If you only want to use Camtasia that I don't know. I checked their help pages but there was nothing. BTW, this thread is already number 1 on Google for scrolling credits in Camtasia.

    Here's a basic workaround.

    Step 1: Put your credits on a word doc page with big spaces between e.g.

    Rock Your Hoochie Mama

    Words and Music by Steven Wagenheim

    Guitar: Steven Wagenheim

    Drums: Steven Wagenheim

    Piano: Steven Wagenheim

    Produced by: Steven Wagenheim

    Recorded at: Wagenheim Towers

    Released by: Wagenheim Records

    Copyright: 2008 Steven Wagenheim

    Step 2: Set your Camtasia recording region so that it shows only the top piece of text in the middle of the screen.

    Step 3: Press "Record"

    Step 4: Scroll down with auto scroll.

    You now have scrolling credits in Camtasia Studio!!

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    Steve, it's a trivial exercise. As Martin said, if you're on a Windows machine, just do it in MovieMaker and save the video file of your scrolling credits. Then simply import it into your Camtasia video and stick it on the end.

    Extremely simple to do in PowerPoint as well. Just create a single text object with all your credits and drag them off the page at the top. Then do a "Crawl In" animation (going from memory, but I'm pretty sure that's the one) from the bottom.

    I would avoid doing camtasia screen grabs of your scrolling animation. Camtasia is pretty good, but let's face it - it doesn't grab motion very smoothly.

    - Russ
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    Steve, if you'll send me the text I'll be happy to make a clip for you that you can drop into your video. Just tell me what format and aspect ratio you're using. PM me. - Russ
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    Yeah, I have worked TONS with Adobe Premiere and really enjoy it, but I have messed with Sony Vegas a bit too and it seemed to work really well too.

    Either of those is definitely a good investment.
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    Is this camtasia 6?

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