Busiest forums, list? Just general forums

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Hi guys, does anyone know a site that lists the busiest online forums. I'm not looking for IM forums, just forums in general.

I'm from Ireland, and use boards.ie - Now Ye're Talkin', this is a huge forum, with so many sections, and is good to use for IM.

Ireland a pretty small country, so, can anyone tell me a U.S, UK or equivilant forum?

About 6 months back I read a post on here, where someone posted a list of the most visited forums, but I never book marked it.

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    Go to Big-Boards.com That must be the most comprehensive forum list you can find.
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    I remember going to big boards 2 years from now because I wanted to generate traffic and I thought spamming a bit would help but I got the boot especially on Gaia. Haha, smart I am right? :S

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