Admin: I'm Having Problems Logging In

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Hi there,

I have a strange problem since the new forum update. I can't log in properly. When I add my username and password to log in it says, "thank you for loggin in" etc but it doesn't log in.

To log in I have to go through the password reset procedure and then it allows me to be logged in but only until I log out again, once I log out I cannot log back in again unless I use the password reset thing again.

I've tried using Firefox but still no luck.

Please help.

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    If there is only you on the computer, why bother logging out?

    It really isn't necessary.
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      strange! I've never tried to log out since the switch to the new forum...

      But after reading your post, I logged out and tried to log in again...

      It IS happening to me too!

      If you do NOT check the "Remember me" checkbox, you won't be logged in.
      However, if you DO check it... you'll be logged in correctly.

      May be this was done to Keep you logged in all the time...
      This is the Warrior Forum... We have a "No-Log-Out" rule

      Kidding... but this might be a bug in the way cookies are saved.
      (I'm using a FireFox browser).


      P.S. Admin, I've PMed you about another issue.

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