Back With A Vengence! & Success!

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Hi folks, i havent been on here in quite a few months, i think its been at least a year actually?

Anyways, just like to let everybody now that im now making a full time living off the Internet and making daily sales of around $500 a day, it varys buts thats the average. Im expecting to do sales of around $15,00.00 per month coming up into xmas. All this from ONE Product in ONE Market! I have several other products im planning to do sometime soon, so this could get very interesting!

I am truly excited! It took alot of hard work and research but it was worth it!

I'm not making money the conventional internet marketing way though!

I'm using ebay as my sales channel! And boy! I have Ebay Completely mastered and have everything setup on AutoPilot!

I still cant believe this is happening to me... Just yesterday, i woke up to 4 sales in my inbox at $115 each. I then got up went out for an hour to see a friend, when i had got back i had done another 5 sales. It really does give me a thrill everday when i see them sales in my inbox. An amazing feeling!
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