20 dollars a day? help.

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I would appreciate it if some of you would share how you make at least 20 dollars a day.
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    Just have a look at the many threads of different methods to make money online, most people will say try listing some services you can offer others on fiverr.com.

    If you list a couple of things and over deliver to make sure you get a positive review then you could build up money from this method to start with.
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    Originally Posted by Bdawg68 View Post

    I would appreciate it if some of you would share how you make at least 20 dollars a day.
    Provide a service. Charge just $20 for whatever service you are doing and you have your $20 a day.
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    One way to make twenty dollars a day is to create your own WSO product and sell it in the Warrior Special Offers section.
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    Where should one start?


    By not asking questions like this, by working really hard, by having the right mind set, by gaining the right skills through conversations in the forum and the war room

    But more importantly...

    By finding things of REAL VALUE to people and offering people a solution.

    This isn't a get rich quick scheme, this takes a heck of a lot of work. I've watched a great motivational video recently with WILL SMITH saying how he became successful in life... the quote goes something like this...

    "If you want to build a wall, you do not focus on building the best and most bad ass wall in the world. You don't think about that.

    Instead, you concentrate on laying a brick down in the correct place with the right amount of cement

    Don't rush for the long term goal, aim to complete your short term goals instead. You need to learn the right frame of mind, the right skills and the right techniques to follow before you consider anything else.

    I'd seriously consider:

    1.) signing up to the War Room section of this forum and going through the material.

    2.) heading to the success section to get in the frame of mind

    3.) Going through material on copywriting in the copywriting section

    4.) Repeating the above until you understand what to do!
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    Service can anything like Wordpress installation,theme customisation,webhosting,domain reseller .....The list is endless
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    Write articles on thecontentauthority.com .
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    Providing a service is as simple as building backlinks, writing articles, designing logo's, doing keyword research, etc.

    Hell most backlink providers are just resellers so you don't even need to build the links these days, just pass the order onto a cheaper provider.
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    Just work hard. It's not too difficult to reach $20/day if you're consistent over the course of a year or so (less if you're good.)
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    read as much on this forum. Find a way, inform yourself about that method, focus on how to earn more of that method. Build up your own service and offer it here. Try fiverr, you must have 5 orders per day and you'll collect $20 per day.

    so we take an example
    If you choose a service that you can accomplish in 10 minutes you will be able to collect $20 in 50 minutes.You will earn money in less than an hour. Thanks

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