Why is Facebook so popular with business?

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A recent study of 18 to 24 year-olds has found that Facebook is more popular that porn. This makes a lot of sense, when you compare the degree of interactivity of either medium. Facebook offers a connection to other human beings that is more than skin deep.

From the marketers side, we are seeing that virtually every big business is featuring Facebook as a touch point to their products or services. Pick up any magazine and review the advertising. You will see Facebook featured rather prominently in many of the ad-spaces these corporations are paying big money for.

Is Facebook just a lot of irrational exuberance on the part of business? Or are companies actually showing a proven ROI in this medium? If so, how are they using Facebook to attain these proven ROI's?
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    2 Words: Name Branding and also brand awareness.
    That is what most big company's like Coca Cola, Porsche etc are doing atm.
    I have stated in the past that I don't think Facebook is a shopping platform but a social platform firstand anything else second.
    Also, big brand names and corporations don't mess directly with consumers but through distribution channels of course. So a measurable ROI is hard I think, a little (lot) like TV advertising.

    Now, for companies that deal directly with their customers and prospects, without going through distribution channels. Like webshops or local businesses, FB can certainly be a profitable platform as long as they remember that social comes first and not 'buying'.

    Anyway, I have been flamed for this before so I won't go into much details on this anymore but these are my 2 cents.

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    Facebook is great because of the amount of time people spend on it - it holds attention for a longer period than most other advertising mediums. Also, I'm not sure if you were aware, but Facebook advertising lets you target demographics real accurately, which is fantastic. For example, for a lot of my campaigns, I've targeted college grads for increased conversions. I haven't ran a FB campaign in a while, so I'm not sure if that feature is still available. Either way, it helps you get targeted traffic and see who is interested in your brand.
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    It seems like anybody in business is almost obliged to display a Facebook "F" and Twitter "T" on their store window these days.

    QR code sheets have appeared in almost every shop-front in my area over the last 2 or 3 months.

    In a couple of years time Facebook might have go the way of Myspace and end up replaced by the next great social scene!
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    I use facebook more than I use my email.

    I also would never make a fake facebook account to "like" something like I do with my email
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    I sometimes wonder why people would go anywhere outside of FB to do anything---for a lot of us, our clients are spending a lot of time on facebook. Why not meet them where they are, instead of waiting out in the desert for them to find us? I'm toying with the idea of not even doing a blog for my niche project and just writing Facebook notes and sending FB emails.
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    600 million users enough said ..... Facebook is a monster who wouldn't want to advertise their business to all those people?
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    Businesses like facebook because they are able to interact with their customers and get their feedback. It's also a large market that they can target their campaigns to.
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    +1 for extremely targetable and interactive
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    Built in Community.

    Very low cost of entry.

    What's not to like? Well you don't control you own destiny putting content in the hands of a 3rd party, but there are ways to leverage this.

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