Is this what a "guru" is? AND, if so, then maybe...

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Perhaps someone can help me to get a clearer understanding of what a "Guru" is?

Here is what I think I'm seeing (but it could be a mirage).

Guru as it used here is an Internet Marketer that specializes in "how to make money from Internet Marketing" this close?

IF it is, then these gurus of IM are a part of a bigger classification we call Money Making Geniuses.

The "guru" is also a money-making genius, but he makes his money from selling information to other people who want to make money like he does. Is this about right?

YOU have Money Making Geniuses (MMG) in your neck of the woods. In days gone by we may have called these people Industrialists, Entrepreneurs or simply businessmen.

A look at any list of the richest people will show you there are scores of ways that these money-making geniuses do it. NOT all of them can be duplicated.

This forum is about making-money, right? And "mostly" from ONLINE activity, but you should know that there are a lot of opportunities off line, or in combination and there are MMG's hanging around your area just waiting to be asked, who will gladly share their secrets too.

If my understanding of what a "guru" is wrong, as it is used in threads such as "guru bashing", then please let me know what a better definition is, OK?

Thanks for your time and attention.

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    I'd say that is a pretty fair representation.

    I believe that "Guru" means "Teacher" and, we do have quite a few of those in the Internet Marketing niche.

    While some actually do teach, there are those that are merely "shovel salesmen" who sell informational products. I've got nothing against that... We all need shovels but, I think from time to time, these are mistaken for teachers.

    I have seen threads here on the Warrior Forum that were classified as "Guru Bashing". However, if you drill down deeply enough and cut through the rhetoric, most of those are not bashing the man (or woman) personally; they are merely started as an objection to a certain marketing technique that the poster found questionable. Fair game in my opinion.

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      Actually, when I think of "guru" in the IM sense of the word, it means you have risen to are, in effect a superstar.....
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    I'd have to agree with everyone's definition, but I think Gjabiz's point is important. There are a lot of people in your neck of the woods that are extremely successful that you can talk to and learn from. A guy I used to work for bought his rental business from the owner after working for him for several years. We was on track to be a millionaire by like 40 or 45. Granted that's not as fast as some of the "gurus" here, but it was smart and effective. He bought a proven business model and just let it do it's thing. All he had to do was show up often enough to make sure everything was running smoothly. Not a bad idea.
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      An internet marketing guru is someone who
      figured out the power of the mind/focus at some
      point in their life, and use it to create a life
      for themselves, which include being known
      in this field as a "guru".

      Anyone can be a guru in any niche if you really want
      to. Just put your mind to it and take action and
      never get to a point where you feel like you "know enough".

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    Originally Posted by gjabiz View Post

    Perhaps someone can help me to get a clearer understanding of what a "Guru" is?

    If my understanding of what a "guru" is wrong, as it is used in threads such as "guru bashing", then please let me know what a better definition is, OK?

    Thanks for your time and attention.


    It's like so many 'words' that have been hi-jacked recently.
    Take 'Gay' for instance. 30 years ago that simply meant that if you were 'gay' you were happy, full of life. These days it means you want to have 'same sex' relationships.
    Where's the connection???
    There is none. But macheavellion tactics by the 'thought police' among others have taken the innocence out of the word.

    With the word GURU, you're right, it does mean teacher. Which is WHY it's been hi-jacked by people who simply want to 'SELL' you products that 'supposedly' teach you something.

    Some GURU's are genuine teachers and 'worthy' of the description. But MOST are simply salesmen who have learned the techniques of the 'GURUs', have made an 'apparent' fortune by applying them, and wish to impart 'some' of that knowledge to make even MORE money.

    They are not GURUs, they are duplicators.

    In another instance. Some GURUs use the word 'LOVE' an awful lot in their promotions. (No names but we all know them don't we)
    YES, it is THE most influential word in our vocabulary. YES, it is the most 'hypnotic' word we can use in our salespages.

    But who are WE, or anyone else to tink we have the 'right' to hi-jack such an important word?

    Does anyone still know it's true meaning??
    Most people these days think it's SEX. Some think it's a way of saying goodbye. "love ya" at the end of each text or phone call.

    Blinkers OFF everyone.
    Open your eyes and see the 'real World' that's going on around you.

    Our vocabulary is being hi-jacked daily by those who would manipulate and control us.

    GURU = TEACHER. (NOT Salesman/woman)

    Rant over,

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      Yes, there are some cases of words being deliberately twisted, through the repeated addition of connotations that weren't originally attached to them. This is relatively common in political circles.

      That's not what happened with the word 'guru.' If you've watched for long, you'll notice that virtually no-one calls themselves a guru. Most of the people who get tagged with that label hate it, because it creates all sorts of problems and artificial distances between them and others.

      Circumstances change, language evolves. And people often miss it while it's happening.

      For example, unless that picture is really, really out of date, you're not anywhere near old enough to remember when the word 'gay' only meant a particular kind of bubbly, carefree happiness. (Hint: It's been more than 30 years since that word was commonly used in the way you describe. At least 40, and probably a bit more.)

      As another example, the phrase, "thought police."

      People regularly use that as though there were some conspiracy to control the language. There is not. It's simply a lot of groups trying to get their messages across, and disagreeing over the connotations attached to various ways of speaking.

      Exactly like you're doing now.

      There isn't a thing wrong with that. It's a natural circumstance of living in a varied and interesting world.


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