Is It Safe To Give Your Bank Number?

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I know if credit card gets into the wrong hands then unscrupulous person will have control over it and if i will not be able to stop charges i will have to cancel it. But what possibly could happen if my bank number gets into the wrong hands?
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    Same thing can happen. Lots of lottery scams going around and yes...people lose money there. It's very easy to copy a normal laser/debit card. So don't ever give out your bank details...who ever it is.

    I even don't give my bank details over the phone of my local bank rings me. I just tell them that your PC is in front of can check my details there...
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    hehe Couldn't help myself but reply to this thread as I heard this question a million times when I was in direct sales. Now, I don't know everything about how things work in other countries, but in Australia, to take money out of someone's bank account you need a special agreement and paper trail with your bank and theirs, plus a signed contract, etc.

    Here, if you think someone can steal from you if they get your bsb and account number, that's utter crap.

    It's relevant to sales and marketing though because it's an objection for so many people, if you offer this method of payment. You should ask yourself how to get around this objection and you'll ultimately make more sales
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    No it's not safe to give your bank number out to the public.

    I remember a few years ago, there was a British Newspaper Journalist who said that it was impossible to steal money if you gave out your bank account. Included in this article was the bank account number. He was wrong - within a few days, the money had been used (and not by him).
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    most men feel that their bank acocunts are the safest with their wives.

    Clouded judgement in my view LOL
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    I OUGHT to be able to disprove half the things people are saying here with ONE word!


    Not enough? I could pick a few hundred other terms, but how about a popular one that is 3 words long?

    Nigerian Bank Scam

    And I do hundreds of EFTs a month, and few know I consent to it. Certainly no legal consent is given.

    If you REALLY believe routing numbers and accounts are safe, GOOD LUCK! PLEASE don't test that frequently.

    BTW kay. I have to do the same thing. The last time they wouldn't talk to me without account number, ssn, mothers maiden name, and birthdate! I once was asked three questions on history dating back over 30 YEARS! But getting my credit is EASIER! Charging my credit card or bank account is easier. So YEAH, banks WILL ask a bunch of questions to talk to them but what if paypal couldn't use the routing and account numbers to exchange money? Their business would STOP, unless they decided to just use credit charges. And some places don't even verify, like paypal.

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    I don't know how scary it is unless the person knows how to make checks. Your banking info is on every check you own.

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