suggestions for Lightbox (opt in form) software

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I found a couple I was comparing, now I can't find them in my bookmarks, but likely even newer better stuff has come out since.

fyi a Lightbox is where the screen goes dim except for your opt-in form.

seems visually cooler than a hover form.

anyone own the software care to comment on the good and bad?

I've tried the one built into aweber and it seems to not function that well.

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    Well, rumor has it there are a couple good ones built into version 2 of PowerEffects, but if you want to go directly to the source and get your hands a little dirty, I recommend GreyBox and PhatFusion. Of the 2, I think Greybox is easier to implement.

    (Neither are affiliate links because...they are free!)


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    Does the lightbox on-exit thingy, submits your opt-in form in the background, only asks once every page load and STOPS asking after people finally opt-in.

    Only lightbox script ever designed specifically for opt-in forms :-)
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      I use Thickbox for nearly every lightbox thing I do, opt-ins included. It's a pretty simple script to use. I'm far from a programmer and I even managed to make a hack WordPress plugin out of it.

      But even if you're not into that, it's still very, very simple to use if you know a little HTML/Javascript. To find it, just search "Thickbox" in Google.

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