How to make a quick $500 in the next 15 minutes...

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( How to get more money from existing customers/clients while giving them greater value )...

Two days ago I needed a quick $500, so I contacted one of my $197 per month clients and said, "If you were to work with me for a year, how much would it cost you?" They said, "About $2,400 or whatever they said..."

I said, I've had an unexpected bill come up and I'd like to make an arrangement with you, I'd like to give you a year of service for $500, how much does that come out to per month now?"

They said, "Around $40..." I said, "would $40 per month work better for you than $197 per month?"

They said, "hell yeah..."

I said, Ok, because my situation is a bit urgent, we'll need to complete this order on the phone and you'll never pay me another dime, but continue to get service for a year.

( my situation where I needed the money was real, don't lie to your clients, use whatever reason that is actual )

They agreed and it gave me a quick $500, now I know that some of you might be worried, thinking I have to provide a year of service to this client, and I WILL FOLLOW THROUGH IF THEY WANT ME TOO, but most clients stop calling around the 3rd or 4th month and call far in between thereafter,

MAKE SURE THAT YOU HONOR YOUR AGREEMENTS, however know that most of the time your clients won't hold you to it and if they choose that it's OK, but if they call you, BE THERE FOR THEM!

Today, tomorrow or whenever, call some of your clients and make some deals with them, don't be afraid to ask them for money, if they like your service and you give them more value than what they are paying for, they'll be more than happy to give you more money.

This particular clients told me she was getting ready to cancel because $197 was getting to be a lot of money per month. She was so happy that I asked her for $500 and gave her a whole year of service, she literally RAN to get her credit card.

So basically, I took a client that I was going to lose anyway and got an extra $500 from them. I of course deliver greater results than what she paid and since I help people get rid of OCD, you can see how most people pay therapists $200+ per hour and she is getting a year with me for a measly $500, when you position it in a "no-brainer" scenario like this, you'll be SHOCKED at how people will be so happy to give you $500 or $1000 or more!

It's all about perceived value and actual value!

Derek J. Soto

the following is to clear up some misconceptions about this post:

The point is, You can use whatever reason that is real you can think of. This particular time I used that reason because that is what happened. However I have also used the reason, "I know you are thinking of leaving because of the price, since we've been working together for a while, I want to really help you succeed and because I know you, here is what I'm going to do for you to help you out, I'll give you the rest of the year for $500 to make it easier for you and so that you can continue getting the help that you need.

since only customers that are leaving anyway know about this, it DOES NOT cheapen your service, but massively increases your profits
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    Anyway, congrats! I hope your personal issues get worked out soon.
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    Thanks for sharing mate... Sometimes the situation will force us to do something to get instant money. By the way, it is a great action mate.
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    Well, glad you had a way and a plan to get the money you needed. That is always a huge plus.
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    Ive done this a few times by finding a massive forum that covers a certain topic, then finding an EMD and onselling a domain to one of the members. Only done this twice, but worked both times bringing in a few hundred dollars at a time.

    Takes all of an hour or so.
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    Nicely played. I take it this is through an offline client?
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    EMD = Exact match domain.

    To the OP, I'm not too sure this is something I would want to use very often, if at all. It tends to cheapen your service. I wouldn't want to work with someone who is struggling to pay their bills so much that they literally have to ask ME for a favor.

    Why don't they have other customers? Am I their only customer? If so, why not? These are all the sorts of questions that would start going through my head if I were the customer. The only thing this would do is make me second guess working with you at all.

    It may work once or twice and your circumstances may have indeed warranted doing this, but given almost any other option I would not choose this one.
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    hello friend
    its a nice idea but i think in this situation you will have to show your honesty the whole year and you should not let your moral down for work in such a cheap price or you should keep your words as its not a matter of just 1 or 2 month.
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    Thank you for sharing your thought.. It looks and sounds shady though.
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    I don't know, but that seems like taking advantage of the customer to me. There's the old saying that the more successful your customer's are, the more successful you will be. You don't seem to be helping that process along.
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    Well when in need... But she landed up with a great deal anyway. I would have given you the $500 too if that was the deal.
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    Nice post and good idea when you are on the verge of losing a client anyways. You could have made a WSO on this and made even more cash to help you out with your situation but props to you for sharing.
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    This is all about having a good relationship with your existing clients.isn't it?You had that relationship thats why you were able to make her understand.However its a good move though..
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    hmm...I learn from your experience..

    we must make a good relationship with your existing clients..

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    Good thinking on your feet! Some of my best ideas have come from me being in a cash crunch...while still creating win win situations for me and my clients/customers.

    Great share!
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    This is why it's important to eventually start charging what you're really worth. Too many IM'ers get stuck in what I call "WSO Mode" and always severely undercharge. When the market will bear a much higher price, take advantage of that. Grow. Move up.

    Then, when something like the OP's situation comes along you have lots of "wiggle" room to give what is perceived by the buyer as a tremendous deal. You make more up front and they feel indebted. Nothing better than a win-win situation like this.
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    When your service is great,surely clients ready to help.I already got sponsor for war room membership by giving my service for some discounted price.So when you are legit surely clients will help you.
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    good tips, thanks
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    no problem, if any of you have done this or anything like this, please share!
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    There's nothing shady about this as long as the OP follows through. Which he has stated several times he plans to do.

    I haven't done this myself, but my roommate is a massage therapist. She recently wanted to add some equipment to her office. She talked to a couple of her established clients and offered them massages at $40 each instead of the regular $65 if they paid for advance packages. They jumped at the chance and were thrilled to do so.
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    I think it means "Original poster" I guess I've just seen others use it and don't know if that's exactly what it stands for.

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