Do You Use Multiple Separate PayPal Accounts For Your Business

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So I've done a few searches here and google and have also sent this question to paypal for a response.

Hoping that some of you have gone through this and can offer your experience, tips and help.

My business is moving to a different level. I've been using the same paypal business account for a few years now. We've recently started a new LLC with 3 assumed name LLc's under the main LLC.

All 4 LLC's operate in different niches. The 3 assumed name LLC's use the EIN (employer id. number) of the main LLC.

All 4 LLC's have separate checking accounts and email addresses.

Is it just a simple matter of setting-up 4 separate paypal business accounts, one for the new main LLC and one each for the 3 assumed name LLC's.

Just want to make sure I'm doing it right so I won't run into any problems down the road with paypal account limits, freezes etc.. and also for my own business accounting practices.

Appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks.

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    So far what I'm coming up with is that I should be able to set-up multiple accounts.

    I have to believe that there are several here who are doing the same using assumed names or DBA's with different bank accounts and using multiple paypal accounts.

    I'm I correct in assuming that I should be able to do multiple business accounts as outlined in the above post with no problems?

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    I separate paypal account for each service I provide and diff for my personal. Easier for me to keep in track and check history.
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    Cool! Thanks for posting this since I always assumed you could only have one account with paypal.
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    You can have one personal account and one premiere or business account.

    If your separate businesses are each incorporated, you can have separate business accounts for each of them, as each would be a separate legal entity.

    If your current business account name is confusing to your customers, you should either explain to them that they will be charged by "companyname". or set up a LLC to establish a new identity. Or as sousen suggested, open a new PayPal account for another family member (using different bank accounts).
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    I don't it's an issue to have multiple accounts at PayPal. For me in business, having a multiple accounts are more convenient and easy to monitor. There, you can track down easily your transactions.
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    Brian, Thanks for reporting what Paypal has to say about this. Good info for everyone.

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    I was planning to open a paypal account before, but after reading so much negative feedbacks regarding Paypal services and account security I started having doubts... It seems the people here are using it pretty frequently, is it really a reliable online banking system? I see it being used in a lot of sites for money transaction, and I'll eventually be needing it to transact with foreign customers. Please share some opinion about it.
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    Always keep separated for every business is my opinion, it's just more easyer and you don't have to fight with paypal limits....
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    Hi Una1,

    I'm sure some others will chime in. PayPal experiences run the whole gamut from great experiences to horrible. I've not had any issues with PayPal and have been using them for about 7 or 8 years I think. Although, I'm not running 25K a month through my account. At least not yet.

    I did open a few other business accounts recently with PayPal.

    I would suggest that you also take a look at other payment processors.

    Here are a few: (I think)

    There's others to also chose from. Do your homework like you're doing. You can try a couple to see what works best for your business. Most have a free trial period.


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