How Can I Tell Where This Email Is Really Coming From?

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I have a problem that may be more serious than I thought.

I am getting emails from one of my other email accounts but I am not
sending them.

Now, I know to look at the header and see if there is another email
address listed, but there isn't. The only email address listed in the header
is my own.

Is there something else I can look at to see where this email is really
coming from?

I do see this:

Received: from [] (port=4674
by with smtp (Exim 4.68)
(envelope-from <>)
id 1LEA0M-0002CG-Ru
for; Sat, 20 Dec 2008

I have removed all the actual information because I don't want to publicly
get somebody in trouble, but where it says port=4674 and then there
is a domain after it, is that where the email is actually orginating from?

I replaced my actual email address with

Any help anybody can give me on this will be appreciated.

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    Is that the entire header?

    This is where it originated, if it is.
    Received: from []
    Here is the Whois for the ip:
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    Its a common spamming trick to send people email from themselves. Depending on what software is used for the mail server is definitely possible to block this kind of spam.

    You'll need to find out what IP address you actually send email from (this will be the IP address of your SMTP server) then you can blacklist your own email accounts unless they come from the real IP address.
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    Oh, and another thing, your biggest problem will most likely be the computer sending it is owned by some completely unsuspecting guy/girl who has had their computer compromised by a virus which has installed an SMTP server on it.
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    The simplest fix is actually to just blacklist your own email addresses. How often do you email yourself anyway?

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