Is it possible to out rank 160,000 back link site?

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Is it possible to out rank a site with more than 160,000 back link if my site have only 20,000 back link? What are the other factors beside back links to get good position in google SERP. Does google give more important to back link rather than the site content?
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    No-one can tell you exactly how the calculations are done (they change regularly).

    However, the number of links is far less important than where they come from and what keywords they contain.

    It's sometimes easy to outrank sites with far more links just by getting yours from the right places.

    A couple of PR 7 links will often out-perform 1000 PR3 links.

    This is something people forget - it's quality rather than quantity that counts. Both is good though.

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      Another factor you also need to consider is how sticky is your site.

      More and more this is coming into the calculations, sites that are sticky are also doing well.

      But it is possible to topple a giant, unless your talking about wikipedia.


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