How much should I charge for monthly membership to my site?

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I have put up a health & wellness blog specializing in local business, specifically in chiropractic.
My plan is to go to each chiropractor in the area I'm targeting, (currently I have a list of 14) and offering them a monthly membership.

With the membership they will get:
1. A one page review on my site with their customer testimonials. (pictures, links to their website)etc.
2. A chance to post 2 - 3 articles a month on my blog. (I was thinking of giving a discount to their monthly fees for each article they write to encourage them to add content on a regular basis. (5% discount per article etc.)

My website, is currently ranking halfway up on the first page of Google for the local town keyword I'm targeting, (Canandaigua Chiropractic), and I'm getting approx. 850 visits a month now, and I am still constantly building backlinks to get my ranking up even more.

I was waiting to approach them until my site is good enough so they will think it is worth it to become a member.

So, my question, what would be a fair price for a pay-monthly membership?

I will do SEO on their pages and posts, and edit them if necessary. I would also build a certain amount of backlinks to their pages etc, then if they wanted more backlinks, I would charge a fee too build them. If they want me to, I will also post their articles for them if they email it to me so I can copy and paste it.

They would be getting publicity by posting on my site.

Thanks for your help and any different ideas to this plan are welcome too!
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    Between 10 to 30 maybe, haha, If I sign up for this program and it must be good and worth it, the price is the secondary. By the way, the top image is kinda blurry. If you are really serious about this site or business, in my perspective, you need something "eye-catching" webpage.
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    Yeah, I was wondering where I could get a custom header to put into the twenty-ten WP theme.

    20 - 30 dollars is what I was thinking too.
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    Originally Posted by realnetworker View Post

    I have put up a health & wellness blog specializing in local business, specifically in chiropractic. My plan is to go to each chiropractor in the area I'm targeting, (currently I have a list of 14) and offering them a monthly membership.

    So, my question, what would be a fair price for a pay-monthly membership?
    Split-testing various prices will give you the answer. That's the only way to know for sure the optimum price you can charge. When testing prices, don't be afraid to start out high.

    Just for the record, higher prices often convert better than lower prices because people often equate higher prices with higher quality. Google's Website Optimizer is excellent for this type of testing.

    David Jackson
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    Yeah I would agree with testing different price ranges. Starting at around $40, then maybe if the client thinks that is to high, going down. But you really need to sell it to them that their $40 will go a long ways.

    Also, if you need a header made just go to fiverr.. hundreds of ppl on there willing to make you a decent one.
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    I would charge a yearly fee to get people in the door and get some proof started. Start at $30 a year and get results for them. Then take that proof and apply to any local area and sell it for $20-30 per month. This way you get real results without ever over charging anyone.
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    I think $10 to $30 is too low for the type of service you are offering. An offline company would never get a full page add plus the opportunity to submit articles in a magazine or something for that price, they would pay a LOT more.

    I understand that magazines are distributed to thousands of people so they have big audience but I'm guessing that one day you hope your website will also receive a lot of visitors.

    If you are targeting 14 services, are there more to add later? You will need to consider how much you would like this website to make overall. 14 x $30 - $420 and that is if all 14 signed up.

    If you are going to spread out further and include chiropractors from a wider area to increase that income then maybe $30 would be ok, but if 14 is all you'll ever have then I would be charging more. After all, it is a benefit to those clients that they only share the website with 13 other chiropractors.

    I'd maybe think around $50 a month and they'd still be getting a good deal (that is of course if your site is getting a good amount of targeted traffic).
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    Thank you Sheryl, I like your answer! And yes, I plan on continuing to add on more chiropractors as I go along, very possibly spreading out to a wider area.

    I also am promoting health and wellness, as it goes hand in hand with chiropractic stuff. I think it will make my blog more interesting with a wider audience. I also am researching the possibilities of listing local health/natural stores & resources, and possibly offering them the same kind of service I am doing for the chiropractors.
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    Another question I had was, do I need to have some kind of legal papers drawn up to ensure that both them and myself would abide with what we agreed on in the beginning, so no one tries to make trouble?

    I am very new with this kind of business undertaking! I was thinking I would be a more physical presence to these people, since they are local. Like I would mail them invoices every month, etc. And drop by to visit now and then, and possibly help them learn how to do SEO on their articles if they wanted to learn. Maybe be a sort of consultant.
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    First of all you have to decide what kind of business you're in. Are you into giving Chiropractic advice or are you into teaching chiropractors how to market their businesses online?

    Personally I would opt for the second option and in that case I would refocus your sites content to talk about marketing a chiropractor business online.

    Here is a great website that focuses on teaching personal fitness trainers how to get more business and market their business online. Fitness Marketing - Personal Training Business - Personal Trainer MarketingKick Back Life

    You see, he is a fitness professional himself but is teaching other personal trainers how to conduct marketing online to increase their own businesses.
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    Originally Posted by realnetworker View Post

    So, my question, what would be a fair price for a pay-monthly membership?
    I did look your site. I would change the top photo.
    Have you seen the pictures in the following link? No Affiliate link

    Canandaigua, New York (NY 14424) profile: population, maps, real estate, averages, homes, statistics, relocation, travel, jobs, hospitals, schools, crime, moving, houses, news, sex offenders

    The following data may help you to answer your question along with some other good responses you have received:

    Canandaigua Population: 11264, 100.00%. Sex and Age. Male, 5392, 47.87%. Female, 5872, 52.13%. Under 5 years, 655, 5.81%. 5 to 9 years, 750, 6.66%

    Estimated median household income in 2009: $40381 (it was $37197 in 2000)

    I believe you said you have 14 clients. That means 804 each up until now.
    The goal will be to find out the total chiropractors to determine how many
    patients each of them will be sharing.
    Finally, getting the info of what's the average cost per session.
    Once you've that information will be easier for you to determine
    what the monthly charge could be.
    In other words. How much represents your monthly charge against
    what a patient is paying per appointment. Good luck!
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    Your site needs some work. Right side runs out of the top banner (they don't line up), the content on that side on the bottom is unreadable (black on black), and there is a script error showing on the bottom - for a plugin.

    I know this wasn't in your OP, but it needs some design help.

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    I'd pay up to $20/month for it, personally.
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    You can also try different levels of membership (free,silver,gold)

    starting from low price to higher and revealing your content accordingly

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