My Amatuerish Looking Site Sux.

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My first real attempt at doing business online is a site made from Derek Gehl's BeBiz program.

Despite spending hours on it, it's still a mess!

I'd be interested in even paying someone to get it done properly so I can move on to driving traffic to the site.

Right now, I don't think it would convert too well.

I'm really interested in ezines and article advertising as a main means of marketing products/e-books/programs etc so I am studying as much as I can about the subject.

I'm finding Charlie Page's Ezine Advertising Live a great resource so far.

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    pjj, put this on your site, I am selling a brand new BMW for $1,000, I just don't need it any more. I bet your site would convert if you did that. Of course I am kidding, but what I am saying is if you have a good product that people really need or want and give them a good price your page will make sales. Just study up on getting traffic like you are doing now and take your time with the site, just do a little here and there and by the time you start driving a lot of traffic to your site your site will look much better, if you just improve it a little at a time, and you won't feel as frustrated.

    Good luck
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    Hey, Phil -

    I would never say your site sucks...

    But IMO it needs a lot of work and is not ready for prime time yet. And it looks to me at quick glance and scan like all you're doing is promoing a fellow I know named C.Page...

    If you're interested in some help PM me and we'll see if anything comes of it.

    Keep on keepin' on -

    Chip Tarver
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      All that thing really needs is a decent template (my eyes threw up looking at the color scheme lol), and some minor reformatting. I could probably get that done for you in a couple of days if you wish. Sent you a PM with an offer. Let me know what you think.


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