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I currently have a web developer occasionally do the programming for my site, but I want to learn to do some of it myself.

My question is, how do I access the source code of my site so that I can do HTML coding?
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    Well, you can easily access the source code by just viewing the page itself
    and clicking on view and then page source if you're using Firefox. For IE it's
    just view and source.

    To actually edit it, you need either a text or WYSIWYG editor and to upload
    it to your site you either need access to your cpanel, which you should have
    or an ftp program.

    I assume that when you got your hosting you got login details?
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    Your code is stored on your web server.

    Depending on what your website is written in (client side html or some server-side code like php, asp) you will either edit the .html files directly, or have to understand the basics of php, asp or whatever to edit the .php/.asp/etc files.

    Most people edit their files locally then use ftp to upload it to their server, but you can also edit your files directly on server if you have access via cpanel or some other server administration tool.


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