Stupid Clickbank Sales Questions :)

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PLEASE pardon my ignorance here warriors!

I've been a clickbank affiliate for years, and racking up the numbers, but have finally made the leap to my own product and network last night! Yay for me right?


Everything was approved and the sales page is up and so is the clickbank sales page and everything else.

I was wondering if it's your own approved product on clickbank and everything, when you make a sale I'm assuming that is shows up the same exact way as an affiliate sale with the bars and everything else. Or is there another way that the sale is logged?
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    it shows up the same exact way as an affiliate sale and you also get an email from clickbank about it which you do not get as an affiliate
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      Thanks Wilson! I was wondering the answer to that, and have to admit that I was kinda hoping it showed up some place else, and could have opened up a new window with a nice overnight $500K surprise hehe

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