Show me some GOOD Examples of Amazon/Ebay Affiliate stores

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I recently got the amazon/ebay php plugin for wordpress.

I was hoping to see some example of these affiliate stores that are doing well for you.

Please share your site and some tips to help me do well.
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    To be honest, you'll be lucky. Not many people hand over their affiliate sites and expose their niches so willingly.
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    Pulled in quite a bit last year, because I was ranked high for christmas lingerie.

    However, with the recent Panda update a site like this doesn't work anymore. Way to many outbound links and duplicate content. Thin affiliate site... pretty much everything you DON'T want to DO.

    But if i wanted to take the time to turn all the feeded content into original content and limit my products I could make good money again.

    I'll worry about it in a couple of months.
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    Thanks for sharing that niche :p

    The site ranked #3 currently has 6 backlinks

    But I'm sure it gets tougher to rank during Christmas!
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    I would think that most people would not be afraid of "exposing" their site since they would already have a nice head start!
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    You're not going to find many people here revealing their niche.

    If you want to see some sample sites check out Review-azon's site, they have a few demos on there.
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    The main thing is you HAVE to focus on the content, not get carried away with stuffing your site with juicy product listings, which is so easy with this kind of plugin (users of my eBay plugin keep doing it too, despite my constant pleas). Forget Panda, Google has been slapping thin affiliate sites for YEARS. It's gotta be good, it's gotta provide value, or it just won't cut it.

    In fact I am now taking this to the extreme of building out a site with quality content and not putting ANY product listings for the first 3 months or so, until the site has gained some authority. Guess what, for one site now I am at the top of page two without ANY backlinking and rising slowly but surely, and my search engine traffic is increasing by the day. Only when I get to page 1 will I consider adding affiliate links.

    For me that is now becoming a best practice - I for one am sick of creating cheesy niche sites full of eBay listings only to see them disappear into Google oblivion.

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