If I want to reinstall Firefox, how do I save my bookmarks?

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The question is valid for IE or Opera
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    When you uninstall you will be asked if you want to save your settings. Say yes, and when you reinstall they will still be there.

    At least that's what happened when I reinstalled FF a few weeks ago.
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    I often back up all of my book marks as I have a few hundred
    of them. All I do is drag them into a folder and export them to
    an external drive. So, not only do you have them on your own
    computer, but you also have them on a backup drive. Prepare
    yourself for the unexpected.
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    You can normally import from IE if that's what you are using now. However you might want to install xmarks onto your present browser. It's a free plugin and works cross browsers.

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    Bookmarks>show all bookmarks>import and backup>export html - import to new ff

    IMO always do a clean install of FF...never over an old one.

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