How to Choose Keywords for Kindle Ebooks?

by Warrior Y 4 replies
Hi guys,

Does anyone here know how to choose the right keywords for the Kindle Ebooks you want to promote on Amazon? In other words - how can I know which keywords I can rank on the top spots of Amazon's results?

I've heard of a few methods but all of them seem like no more than complete guesses.

If you know how to do that, it would be great if you can share!

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    Use the Google Keyword Tool and choose that have a number of searches. It's basically the same as choosing keywords for most other avenues of internet marketing...use those that people search for a great deal. The competition isn't that much of a factor because you will have so much traffic from Amazon itself if you upload books on the right topics.
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      Thanks Kecia,

      But Since I'm not trying to get into the top spots for certain keywords on Google, but to the top spots of certain keywords on Amazon, then the factors must be different...

      Question really is how can I know which keywords I can rank at the top spots of Amazon?
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      I would not sugest you to relay on google keyword tool. It is very inacurate! If you will base your business on the nummbers which you will get from GKT - you wil be not lucky sooner or later! They showing only that what they thinking is the best for them. This keyword tool newer was not ment for keyword research, it's ment to give you just idea which is practically useless if you wanna know info about your keyword situation in online marketing.

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