How To Turn $1,000 Into $5,000

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If you are given $1,000 and are challenged to turn it into at least a $5,000 earnings in 60 days. What will you do?

I am asking this because it will give a great deal of insight on how people can manage their start-up capital.

Share with is and have fun
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    Personally I would initially use the money for offline ventures to start, using the money directly for advertising and initial website setup. This would bring in clients for services like mobile websites or seo services to create a residual income. After I reached about 2500 in capital I would re-invest heavily into online advertising in various ppc programs and build up a large online and offline client base. I believe that would allow me to hit the 5000 mark and would set up a good residual income for after those 60 days.

    But that's just me ...
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    I would invest it into an offline business which does SEO for local businesses with revenue over $1 million...oh wait, I already did that and it worked
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    While i await others to give their opinions, i will build a squeeze page and spend a large chunk of the money to generate at least 5,000 leads, and then begin to promote CPA offers to them. Since the duration is 60 days, if i send an offer that pays $5 per sign-up and only 500 of them signs up, that will fetch me $500 a week. 60 days contains 8 week. $500 multiplied by 8 weeks equals: $4,000. Thats pretty close to $5,000. It can be scaled up if i decide to send two mailings per week.
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    I would invest it in something I know would bring in good money.

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    i would invest in some food and beverage venture which promises good returns or rear some fish for the market
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    Use it in PPC.

    But if you know what to do in PPC, this would be for you,
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    I would invest in a ton of domain names or maybe just a few big ones.

    Then I would either flip or develop those domain names.
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    If the person doesn't know an awful lot about Marketing, id use around Half of the start up budget in a Mentor personally.

    Generally, a mentor will guide you through everything and show you an income stream that you can generate fairly easily with their guidance, and once your "personal" training is done, it is easily scaleable so that the more time you have, the more money you will make.

    It may start slow, but seeing the initial results from your mentor showing you step by step should have you making money fairly quickly - therefore eliminating many mental blocks that can concur when starting in internet marketing like "It doesn't work".

    Just my 2 pence
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    I would put all the money into a product launch. $1000 is enough for Graphics, VAs, a cheap copywriter and content creation.

    In the end, I would make $10,000 from product launch.
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    I would invest that money in my local share market to make $5000 in 60 days
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    I would spend $1000 on WSOs of every type, then let them sit collecting dust on my hard drive. Oh wait . . . I've already done that. Skip that strategy, it doesn't work. Go with the Offline Business or CPA marketing options.

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