YouTube videos won't play on iPhones, why?

by Stewart Alexander 28 replies
Anybody know why YouTube videos won't play on iPhones? It's not all YT videos but happens more often than not. Been scouring the net, but there's lost of conflicting info.

This is only happening with iphones, not all iphones mind you. I have a video on my mobile optimized demo squeezepage here:

Check it on your iphone. I have an HTC Desire android, so i cannot replicate the problem. I'm using the video from, the HQ version and my settings are set to display all videos on mobiles from withing my YouTube account.

Seems to be no clear answer anywhere i look.

Appreciate any feedback.

Thank you

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    Because Apple refuses to allow Flash technology on their devices. The way around it is to use the YouTube app. That will play all YouTube vids.
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    Another reason is because many youtube videos aren't enabled for mobile devices. I run into the same issue on my blackberry and even on my friends ipad or my ipod touch. Even with the youtube mobile app, if the video isn't enabled for mobile then it will not play.
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    Youtube app is the only way to go I'm afraid.
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      I don't have an IPhone myself. I created a wso arounfd the topic of mobile websites and squeezpages. My iphone clients are all complaing that they cannot view the video on my squeezepage example.

      What app is it exactly that ey need? That way i can recommend it to them. I enable all my YT videos to play on mobiles and grab the videos from not the main site.

      Thanks for the info guys.
  • Profile picture of the author Gene Pimentel
    Stewart, I believe the YouTube app comes preinstalled on the iPhone.
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    I have never experienced a YouTube video that would not play on my iPhone. When was the last time that you updated your iPhone software?
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    Might be a memory issue. Here's what I'd do...

    Try double-clicking your home button to see all apps that are currently open. Some apps are poorly written and leaving them open for a long time may reduce performance of your phone. Hold your thumb down on an icon to get them all shaking. Close all the open apps you're not using. Then re-open Youtube app.

    If no luck, try hard reboot... hold home button plus off button simultaneously for a few seconds.

    Still no luck, go to an Apple Store. Here endeth my iPhone knowledge.
  • Profile picture of the author Steven Fullman
    Every YT vid will play on an's the way they encode 'em...perhaps you didn't leave it long enough?

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    I've never had a YouTube video that did not play on my iPhone. Maybe I just didn't hit the right one yet.
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    Hi Stewert, not sure about iPhone but if any of your clients ask you about Android devices, I use an LG Optimus running Android 2.2 and have no problems with YouTube whatsoever.
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    Because Steve Jobs despises Flash for some unknown reason. Claims it isn't smooth or something. Either way use the Youtube App on your phone. You can set it as a default, so that when you try and view a youtube video it will automatically start the app and play the video.

    Apple's don't like Flash!
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