Best dropshipper? Is there one?

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I once looked into dropshipping for ebay. I was disappointed for the most part with what I found. Is there a "good" dropshipper that offers decent profit for their products? What are you experiences with dropshippers?

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    The best dropshipper is the one you find for yourself. Go to trade shows that could have products that you would like to sell and talk to people...even if they don't currently dropship.

    I recently went to a trade show in Melbourne...over 1000 wholesalers offering various products. Out of those, I selected eight that fitted the products that would complement what I already sell. out of those eight, four agreed to dropship although they had not considered it previously.

    So what have I got? Exclusivity for four different products because I'm the only one dropshipping and commissions at around 35%.

    Get out there and talk to people. You'll be surprised at the results.

    What I found was that is you select the smaller businesses that may not have a huge range, but even one or two products, they are more open to consider dropshipping for you.

    Make sure that you stress that orders could be very small, but the customer will be paying for shipping. Be ready to explain in detail how the dropshipping will work and what the suppliers role will you see it. From there it is negotiation until both parties agree on a mutually acceptable business relationship.

    BTW, stay clear of agents. Talk to the suppliers directly.

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      Excellent advice from Alex. The main one that is recommended by ebay is the one to avoid. There is a membership site that recommends different companies that agree to dropship. I didn't like the profit margins for the few I checked out though.
      Do not waste your money buying any of those "wholesale" or "dropshipping" lists out there.
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    Hey you should try they offer a very good service to locate decent dropshippers and wholesalers.
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      My spin of most dropshippers/dropshipping companies is right up there with other cookie cutter ventures that promise the long as you sell their beaten up, worn out, over priced gimmicks.

      They suck...! It's another turn key business in a box...that costs people money because they buy into a dream that involves selling something that isn't EXCLUSIVE.

      When I start getting pitched "dropshipping" opportunities...I run......cuz I know that they're doing that because their products either suck, are overpriced, and or a combination of both.

      And then comes the "membership fee." That's a dead give away to run. If you can't But get the hell out of there! And teach your girlfriend to you don't have to go back after her!

      These companies make the money on the "membership fees" and the rest of it. And they bust out the suckers.....after that.

      Finding a good drop shipper starts with finding a good product....and then hitting the manufacturer direct. The the key assuming he or she sells something you can make money on. Dealing with the guy who makes your always better then dealing with some dude..who buys it from another dude who packages it up in some bogus dropshipping program. Get real!

      And as usual....most do it ass backwards....thinking dropshipping is something unto itself......and little attention is ever given to what products the company dropships...cuz that's never important to the suckers who buy into this hype.

      They're just happy somebody is going to ship a product that no one wants to buy!!!!

      Find your product...get your it to the market......see if you can mark it up big time and if you can.....then go direct to the company who produces it....and work out a drop shipping deal.

      Believe me...if you can sell shit for them....they'll be happy to ship it for you.

      Their is NO advantage to using a drop shipper if he drop ships-- shit. AKA his product is oversaturated and or just plain sucks. You'll still go broke.

      Most dropshippers are middlemen......anyway.....pushing overpriced junk that I can find on ebay for less money if I wanted to. For real.

      And dropshipping companies....are a dime a dozen. Do you really think anyone gets rich with an SMC Catalogue? C'mon man.

      I can buy anything in that SMC from the manufacturer...for 10 cents on the

      Their (SMC's) idea of wholesale---- is my idea of retail. True.

      Deal direct or don't deal at all.

      xxx Vegas Vince

      The Vegas Vince Diary
      Life and Marketing Behind the 8-Ball
      November 2008
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    We have done online retail for several years and the easiest way by far to get started is to use WorldWide Brands to find your suppliers. I am not an affiliate for them and don't even know if they have and affiliate program.

    Being able to get your products shipped quickly is one of the obvious critical factors and finding suppliers to do this is done one of two main ways:

    1] you find a product you want to sell, find the manufacturer, find out who their distributers or wholesalers are, call the wholesaler and try to set up an account... very time consuming.

    2] you find a company like WWB who has already set up the honest wholesalers who sill work with small online retailers, pay WWB a one time fee of $300-$400 to have access to their list and data base and training and you can find a wholesaler in 5 minutes.

    If you are looking for quick money forget drop shipping. If you want to build a profitable business it is great.

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