What works for me in Niche Marketing

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I've been doing niche marketing now for about 4 years, and I thought I would share what works best for me.

Choose a niche that you have an interest in, i.e one that you would be prepared to buy a product for and try it out in order to solve
a problem that you yourself are experiencing. This is important as you can easily write about it in a way that shows empathy towards the people you are looking to sell to.

Do some keyword research and write up enough material for 10 blog posts targetting keywords which you can realistically rank a new website for.

Post your material to your blog/website, but don't monetise anything yet. It is much easier to get backlinks from other websites if your site looks like an information provider rather than an affiliate site.

Create backlinks slowly and regularly - its important to not just backlink the home page, you also need to build backlinks to your inner pages, or else they will never rank. So, I would submit 10 articles to the main directories each with a link back to a different page on my site. I also use social bookmarking and web 2.0 sites to get backlinks to my inner pages. It is super easy to get forum backlinks to a site with no affiliate links/adverts too.

I usually wait for a couple of months before I add affiliate links, until my pages are scoring in the search engines.

My affiliate links will be placed within a new article which I mark as 'sticky', so it always remains the first page on my blog. This article will not be a review or anything like that, it will be my experience of the product I am promoting, and how it solved a problem for me. This is why its important to choose something you are interested in.

I use basic copywriting to create my money page. So, if my site is about dog training, I would describe how my stupid dog would do all sorts of bad things, how I was at my wits end etc... I would go into some detail about my problem. This is why it is important to use this for something you have an interest in - you must be able to show empathy with your site's visitors. I have lots of hobbies, all of which I am equally poor at, so finding niches is no problem for me. I then describe how I discovered product x, and the steps I took to train my dog according to this particular product. I go into detail to describe the situation now, how my dog is the best behaved on my street and hasn't bitten the postman for ages, all thanks to the stuff I learned in product x.

Again, I must say that this only works for a niche you are interested in yourself, and only if the product works as described. I guess you could lie about your experience with a product which you didn't buy, but I think that would be slightly unethical.

In my experience this type of pre-sell works better for me than review style copy.

Hope this helps someone...
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    Hey thanks for the fantastic advice on SEO. I always forget to backlink the inner pages of my website >_< ! lol
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      Did this make money for you?
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        Originally Posted by Tom Bartlett View Post

        Did this make money for you?
        Yes, this has worked out better for me than the review style affiliate sites. However you do need to choose something that you are prepared to use yourself in order to solve a problem that you are having. The product you are promoting also needs to deliver on its promises, as it is much easier to write truthfully about how product x solved your problem rather than making stuff up.


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        I agree that empathy is very important.

        You can learn about their thoughts/emotions/frustrations from reading forums, Yahoo Answers, YouTube comments etc
        'If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint," then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.' Vincent Van Gogh.
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    That is great advice! Thanks for sharing about your success! You are correct in saying that it is best to select a product that you are interested in purchasing because you can simply figure out what would make YOU purchase that product and then provide that information.

    Personally I am always very cautious when someone tries to hard-sell something!
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    I agree that before promoting a product use it yourself to see if it delivers. if it does you will have far more confidence and that will show in your writing.

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      Originally Posted by kimkitch View Post

      I agree that before promoting a product use it yourself to see if it delivers. if it does you will have far more confidence and that will show in your writing.

      When possible, sometimes you can't.

      I can't use weight loss products because I'm not fat, I can't use hair loss products because I'm not bald.

      I do use products when possible, for example stammering/stuttering products I try out because I've got this problem.

      An SEO service I can try on my own sites to see how effective it is.

      But sometimes it just isn't possible to use products/services before reviewing them.
      'If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint," then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.' Vincent Van Gogh.
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    A few good tips on how to copy write too. "you must be able to show empathy with your site's visitors."

    Good stuff.
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    Great info.. thanks for sharing.
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    Fantastic post, and awesome advice. Couldn't agree more.

    From experience, I would say that most people entering this business fail because the start websites in niches they have absolutely no interest in.

    Since it takes so much time / effort / money for SEO, no one in their right mind would stick with it unless they cared, other than profit.

    Thanks again ... love this post!
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    Wow, this is some great info CoCo. Your SEO advice is dead-on

    Thanks for taking the time to write this post, I will definitely refer to it from time-to-time when I need a quick reminder.
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    CoCo, Thanks for sharing your advice! I think we often get too caught up in explaining features and ignoring benefits when writing copy. Your simple advice of having empathy for your site's visitors sums it up well.
    Are you in the Orlando area? Join our mastermind group

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    you can have the best product in the word, but if you copy stinks you will not sell

    that is why some students come to me and ask why their WSO's are not selling?

    Simple you go and check their copy and it stinks, words are what makes people buy, if you cannot titilate them with your words you are waisting your time.

    Targeted traffic and good copy is what we have use to sell thousands of dollars worth of ebooks online. :-)
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