Leverage in marketing, so what's missing?

by David Maschke 5 replies
I've been thinking about leverage in marketing. It's pretty
easy to understand. Getting more results for your efforts.

But isn't there a fulcrum point in levers?

Viral marketing has great upside leverage, with little downside risk.

Move the fulcrum towards the prospect, and it's easier to push down.

Sure, you have to push down further, but it's an illusion. It's easier.

Would skills that you teach for free be the fulcrum?

Thoughts and advice type of information can be found everywhere.

Wisdom will go over the heads of those who don't have skills (like me)

Just thinking out loud...

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    Or maybe educating the prospect is just part of the sales process anyway. Educating the customer of what's really in their best interest.

    Is it possible that there are too many ways to look at it to draw anything out of the analogy?


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    I just did the math, and Joint Venture marketing really does have leverage potential, but not if you send out your emails in the wrong language...



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    But yes, educating the prospect is a part of the sales process. There's many ways to formulate a sales process. F. Kern has good proven ideas on this...
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    Thanks warrior.

    Wow, I had a correct thought on my own?

    I guess that is common sense. But selling somehow scares me.

    I forgot to carry the "B" variable in my math above, how embarrassing.

    I might have to call it a night and hit the sack.


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    Don't Sell!

    I was never a salesperson, I always just educated my prospect, which you can call selling, but it's not a car salesman type of sell. Go about it like you're just educating your prospects and then providing them with the solution to their problem.
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