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I am getting somewhere between 10 and 25 BuyViagraNow spam email each and everyday into my inbox. I have SpamAssasin enabled on my hosting account and SpamFighter installed on MS Outlook. Still, they get through regardless even after I block the mail address and domain. I assume they work with dynamic IP addresses and proxy servers?

The first issue is whether these guys are just nuts or they have some ulterior motive with viruses or trojans? I mean, do they really think anybody who gets spammed 25 times a day is going to do business with them?

I don't know how to shut them up. There's probably no point in reporting them to spamdoc, I suppose hundreds of other users have done this already.

So, here's some wishful thinking. Can somebody create a software program that:
  • Automatically traps the real IP address of the sender.
  • Create a response email that has a 250MB file attachment.
  • Includes a routine to send this mail to the sender about 100 times a day for a week or more.
The program could be called "Fight fire with Fire".
Honestly, though, how do you block this nuisance?
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    Hi - I use Spamarrest... works for me...those emails never get near me....

    regards Allen

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      Originally Posted by BIG Mike View Post

      It's Spam? And here I thought my wife had been signing me up for all of this hoping I'd take the hint...
      See this is the reason we need a LOL tab thats furney

      way to go BM
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    I was getting that number of gambling ads for a short while, I send a complaint detailing the emails to 3 different entities:

    The domain registra of the landing page given, the hosting company of the landing page and the contact email of the final destination site who presumably was paying affiliate fees to the emailer.

    The flood of emails seemed to stop in less than a day, don't kow if I had influence over it but it was a therapeutic exercise. Reverse IP services help in identifying the host of the sites in some cases.

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      Sorry, I'll stop sending those to you.

      What I love about them is the way they attempt to trick you, immensely badly into reading them, in the hope you'll just happen to be in a viagra buying mood.

      They go through all the effort to spam your inbox then proceed to use the worst ever attempt at selling, to get you to buy it.

      Wibble, bark, my old man's a mushroom etc...

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    I've always used Gmail and NEVER had a problem wit spam.

    But when I check the good ole spam folder, sure enough I got like 50 Buy Viagra Now messages

    I'm only 22 man! They need to learn how to target their markets!
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      I got this SPAM email every maybe 5 ~ 6 times daily but they all went to my SPAM inbox. This is ridiculos and really annoying!
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      Originally Posted by MatthewNeer View Post

      I've always used Gmail and NEVER had a problem wit spam.

      But when I check the good ole spam folder, sure enough I got like 50 Buy Viagra Now messages

      I'm only 22 man! They need to learn how to target their markets!
      Now see, I heard that you 22 year olds were buying this stuff like crazy because of the ... um... extra horsepower (?) that it was giving you!
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