Kevin Riley, Do you know why people are more likely to create and promote crappy products? Part I

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You'll have to excuse the reference to Kevin Riley. I was just trying to give him a hard time because of this post that he made. **Edit: Ok this was meant as a joke. Kevin put up a good post and if you read both the post and my headline I clearly tried to take Kevin's advice. Ladies and gentlemen life is too short. Smile occasionally. Oh yeah read the first comment if you want to know why I edited this**

Moving On

So, it’s really popular to promote products or courses that let a newbie create a product in “30 seconds on autopilot.” Now honestly instant products, regardless of quality, are a legitimate service. Success in marketing doesn’t require that you have the best product. It requires that you have the biggest audience. In our market this is especially true, because our audience, IMers, is attracted more to provable results than to great products.

If you can build a list of a 1000 people with a product whether good or bad in 24 hours or a week or whatever, you have a ton of leverage. You can now write a simple report and promote it which will drive you more traffic and build your reputation. You can cross promote with other marketers that have lists of a similar size to build your list even more. These among other things work to compound themselves and eventually you have huge list.

Of course in the beginning your list was probably crap. Half those first 1000 people used junk emails and the other half never read another one of your emails because your product sucked. But this is irrelevant. Those first 1000 people gave you leverage to continue building your list. People that join the list later will be the ones that generate sales for you. They’ll be the ones that read your report on getting 1000 subscribers in 24 hours or were referred to you by one of your cross promoters.

These are the emails that will drive your profits. The profits will be more evidence that you can point to and will increase your reputation. Eventually people will be buying on your reputation alone and you’re conversion rates will go through the roof. Even more evidence of your brilliant skills as a marketer. There was another post on the forum about a guy with 68 subscribers that tried to use Frank Kern’s mass control tactics and failed miserably. One of the responses he got was to effect that most of Kern’s subscribers buy on his reputation. That’s how he gets those giant conversion rates.

I’m not saying that Kern’s products aren’t great. I haven’t seen any of his products, but I signed up for his giveaway, so I’m at least willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I’m also not saying that the strategy I listed above isn’t effective. It obviously is. All I’m saying is that it is resulting in a lot of CRAPPY products being promoted.

Of course why would we spend a lot of time creating great products? You could have the greatest product in the world, but if no one pays any attention to it who cares. They love to say that if you create a great product, word will get out and you’ll get a flood of sales. Yeah that’s crap. If nobody has bought your product, then there is nobody to talk about it.

This is obviously where marketing comes in. But the question the newbies have to ask themselves is why not just skip the product creation part and go straight to the marketing. I mean do the math. You could spend 40 hours marketing or 40 hours creating a product. At the end of 40 hours of marketing you probably made some sales or built your list. At the end of 40 hours of creating a product, you might have a good product, but you still have to do 40 more hours of marketing to see any returns for your effort.

Do I necessarily agree with this strategy? Not really, but it’s a matter of reality. Personally, when I write, I’m really thorough which is how this whole post started. In Part II I’ll talk about how I create really great thorough content, but first I had to make the point of why people don’t do this. Like I said I’m really thorough. Of course you also probably never read one of the reports I’ve written. The few people that have read them love them, but I enjoy writing them more than I like trying to convince people to read them.
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    Originally Posted by giveusallfreedom View Post

    You'll have to excuse the reference to Kevin Riley. I was just trying to give him a hard time because of this post that he made.
    Why are you trying to give Kevin a hard time, his post was totally just, Kevin is a VERY well respected member of the Warrior Forum, and has been for years.

    I suspect you might get a bit of a bashing for this, and rightfully so, not even going to read your post, so I cant comment any further

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      Chill dude. It wasn't a personal attack in anyway shape or form. In fact if you read my reply to his post I actually give him props for it. It was a joke. Go back and read my post man. You might enjoy it. Life's short there's no sense being mad all the time.

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