How many articles do you write daily?????

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Well I love article marketing , have had most success from this then any other activity .... so was just wondering how many of the warriors here are involved in article marketing and how many articles they write/ day
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    I try to write 2-3 on a regular day, but when I'm really into the going, I can write 5-10.
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      It is hard to write every day, I am able to write 15 a day in addition to other activities.

      The most I have ever managed is 50. Of course, quality is better than quantity. I suggest taking a look at rich peck's ecourse for a great way to write articles.
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      Originally Posted by ebooks4u View Post

      I try to write 2-3 on a regular day, but when I'm really into the going, I can write 5-10.
      Can I ask, do you write 3 version of your article and splice them up to avoid duplicate content on multiple directories?
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    Well, when I built my last site, I wrote close to 20 articles for submission, but only submitted the first five. Took almost a week to get approval on them from eza, I have since submitted four more of them, and it's been about 4 days and they're still pending approval as well. I keep writing one or two per day and just keep them stored on my HD and will just continue to submit as I get approvals.
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    I have a full-time job, but still manage to write 10 quality articles a day.
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      I just manage about 3-4 articles but if I already have a good knowledge of the topic, I easily go to about 7-8 per day
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    I'm very random

    0 to 10

    My motivation comes in spurts
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    I write articles without counting..
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    I have to preface this with I am a single mother, a full time student, and a full time preschool teacher. I write in my spare time which sometimes takes up all my time. I write 2 articles everyday no matter what. There have been days with 6-8. I am figuring out new ways to outline. The packages I keep getting assigned elsewhere often open up a lot of research for me although it is always interesting.

    My articles are usually 500 words. I write an article in about 45 minutes. I want to get it down to 30. Has anyone read "The 7 Minute Article" I found a lot of good techniques there.

    I am just learning how to get started here, and I have a lot of questions. I hope to be posting articles within the month.
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    I would say I personally do about 3-4 articles a week. Sometimes you just don't have the time depending on how many projects your doing along with family etc... Outsourcing is definitely the way to go. You are able to accomplish many more things then you normally wouldn't be able to do by yourself. If people have problems writing articles but want to write more to reach their goals quicker and get more traffic and sales, get people to write for you. Relieves stress and work load and still gets you results for a small price.

    Happy Holidays Everyone!
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    5 articles daily
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    Alternatively you can have a team of reliable writers who you have carefully selected and trained over the past few months.

    It frees you the time to build your business system =)

    Personally, I have about 3 writers who can deliver 5 articles per day.

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    I also set a target of writing at least 10 articles every day. But in the beginning I guess writing articles regularly is bit hard for the new writers.

    As writing consistently requires a great amount of positive attitude and motivation along with strong will power. I also get writer's block many a times of the day.

    The most number of articles I have written up to this day is only 7. I am really trying hard to concentrate on writing every day. But there are many distractions online which can easily keep you away from achieving your daily target. So one of the major barrier for me is lack of concentration and jumping to more than one income sources.

    The "time management" post of Tiffany Dow is really inspirational stating the importance of sticking to your daily time schedule. I hope in the next year I will be much more organized and strictly following my daily schedule...
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    I try to write one a day. When I write an article I try to gather unique in info and that take time and also I want to be precious which I try to be that too take time as I do not use any software to write. Sometimes it takes two days to finish an article due to the natural tendency to write something novel always.
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    on my off days I write 4-5 articles daily but when I am really on the go I write 10-12 articles daily
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    On a good day I can write 7-8 articles,
    but I tend to write ones close to 500

    On a bad day I don't write any, but my
    plan is to write one a day from now on.
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    Well. i'm a very slow writer. i currently post 1-3 each day.
    And it's boring. But.... money is money
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    I used to write one per day, but then I got bored and got other things to do, and they took my time, so I didn't write anything.

    However, last week I wrote 16 and next week I'm going to write 20 using a wonderful technique called "Credit Card" (or in another name: outsourcing).

    It's much better this way.

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    I usually write between 1 to 5 per day, going to try to up my game in 2009 though. The more targeted articles you have out there, the more money you will make.
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      I usually write at least one a day and sometimes as many as ten. It all depends on the Niche and subject matter. I spend a lot of time writing on blogs and forums that I like so that takes up a lot of my time, but sometimes I copy my posts and build an article around them so that makes it worth more.
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    2-10 per day. All are not for article directories though.
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    Its all about time management and patience... I write up to 15, taking breaks... quality shouldn't suffer..

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