How can I find expired domain name with good traffic?

by I Love PLR 13 replies

How do you do to find expired domain names with high PR?

Are there some (free) tools online or free software? Or will I be obliged to subscribe for an expensive membership site?

Sorry for all my questions.

Thank you for your help.

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    do a google for "expired domain finder"

    there is some free software out there. once you have the domain name, you can just check the google page rank and the alexa page rank to see if it's worth buying
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    Follow these two steps:

    1. to find some nice expired domains

    2. (Not what you may think) This one is with Double G. find there its Alexa and Google ranking in one go.

    Good luck

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    That's another of the great ways to get to get free traffic that doesn't work so well these days.
    There's a great deal of money to be made by it hence people invest a lot of money in software that makes sure they get first choice.
    There's a guy, forgot his name now, that has made millions by knowing when people with high traffic domains expire, and waiting for them to forget to renew, then snapping them up before anyone else.
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    Alexa - Rarely you'll find expired w/ a decent ranking - most of the times they tend to lose ranking.
    Alternatively, you may decide to go to

    YBL - Find most of links and index most of them.
    GBL - Find all of them and index only a portion.

    But as mentioned, Alexa and Google PR are the most important.

    Be adviced that the two of them can be easily faked, so caution may help.
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    Alexa and Backlinks are important.

    I wouldn't depend on any pagerank unless you built it with your own content.
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      I would find a domain name using the methods above and head on over to the Internet archive and see if anything comes up. A lot of times you will come up empty, but on those occasions where they have indexed that site, you can see how far back the history goes and what the content looked like.

      Hope that helps.

      Leron Ford
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      Originally Posted by Always-A-Warrior View Post

      Alexa and Backlinks are important.

      I wouldn't depend on any pagerank unless you built it with your own content.
      Remember that domains are dropped few days after they loose traffics, so the alexa rank is always lower. And You have to check previous domain content. Sometimes there is traffics on alesa thx sedo parking and this is worthless.

      Pagerank is changing all the time so You probably wont keep it for too long. But it can tell You if this domain have valeuable backlinks.
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