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I have been reading these forums for over a month now. I have a decent knowledge with internet marketing and want to get into the action, however would prefer to do it with a partner or group of people in a similar position to me.

By beginning with another person or group of people I'll be a lot more motivated to put in the hard yards to keep up with the other/s. I am looking for someone who feels the same; that is, someone who is focused and determined to build an income online.

I am looking for people who desire and can foresee a future working in internet marketing. I believe a time period of half a year would be adequate.

If this is what anyone else in my position has been looking for then please contact me! A little bit of information about me:

I'm Australian and friendly!
I'm 21 and currently half way through completing a Bachelor of Business and Law at Uni
I want to build assets online that will give me long term income and wealth.

Contact me if your interested either through PM or email me:
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    Great Initiative my friend!

    You may want to keep your email to avoid getting spammed by spammers.

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    I love Australia. I was there just a year ago for about a month. Except for the alcohol and cigarrettes of course. $10 for a pack of cigarrettes are you kidding me?! ;^)

    I'm about to send you an email with a little present attached. Hope we can work together.
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      I don't need a partner but I think that you would get more interest if you listed some of your skills...

      For instance, I have a partner....He is a tech guy who knows his stuff in programming (more so than me) but doesn't do any writing or copywriting and knows very little in design. Since he knows his beans in programming and I am a decent writer and page designer, we work together.

      If you have something to bring to the table that someone else isn't as proficient in, then you may find that you will actually find it easier to getting a partner.

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