what is the average cost of facebook ads?

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How much does it cost to place a facebook ad i.e CPM

Whats the average like? Pls help out if you know.

Will be very thankful for your responses
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    I did a campaign there a few months ago. You can set your own price anywhere from .05 to whatever trips your trigger per click. Mine was for guarantee clicks. I blew a hundred bucks and ended up with about 100,000 impressions. You can deposit as much money as you want into your account and when it is depleted your campaign stops. I was promoting Bellamora at the time and received about 10 free members....no one upgraded. Most women already have their favorite cosmetic brands and I found it was hard to get them to try something new. Lost some bucks on that venture. I'll just stick to saving people money.... I find that its easier than making them look 50 years younger.
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    You really don't want to with CPM if you're doing any kind of performance marketing. It used to work, but now you'll just get really poor CTRs and waste a ton of money. Haven't used FB advertising for about 6-12 months, but I would say expect a minimum CPC of $0.50, and a lot more if your ad isn't targeted and creative enough to get a decent CTR.
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    Its minimum daily budget is about $2.
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      It really depends on what you are promoting and also VERY important, what country are you targeting? Also i would always go for CPM rather than PPC s it is cheaper in my experience. I would personally do 5 different advert variations and tested them with $5 budget each and see which one works out cheaper. I would then try and twick the winner 5 more times and once I have an advert that is a winner, i would just ramp it up to make more money and obviously i would increase my budget. my 2 cents
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      Originally Posted by remexcong View Post

      Its minimum daily budget is about $2.
      . Thanks. What is the mimimum or average cost per cpm dear
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    I was told it was as low as 5cents per 1000 impressions. Is that true or does it depend on the country one is targeting?
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    Still expecting more replies
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    As far as budget goes, it depends on what you're looking to do, i.e. build a list, make some sales, build a virtual list, drive traffic.

    I usually spend about 20 bucks a month on FB ads and since facebook is known for changing EVERYTHING whenever they want, the method for getting clicks 2 months ago is different than the method for getting clicks today.

    Before they had a simple, interests section, now they have a "precise interests" section which is a freakin headache sometimes since finding out what your target audience interests are isn't so cut and dry.

    But anyways, to make a long story short, you set your own budget for your ads, you can pause and tweek your ads whenever you want, for example after every 1000 impressions, also keep on eye on the frequency your audience saw your ad (important in my opinion). Don't get all crazy with your budget.

    My suggestions:

    - research your target audience through a couple of demographic websites, make not of any interests you find for your audience
    - set up a page, throw some content on there before you run your ad
    - get a good picture for your ad and tweek it so it stands out among the other billions pics on the users screen
    - set a low daily budget
    - keep your target audience fairly low, less than 25K imo
    - run your ad, tweek
    - run again tweek
    - run and tweek some more

    My results:

    For my niche a typical PPC cost is around 2-3 dollars, when I run my CPM ads I usually get my clicks for around 1 dollar - CTR about 0.02 - 0.06 from start to finish - I try to land within the 7 impressions frequency for my audience, if they saw my ad or had the opportunity to see it 7 times and still haven't clicked, then they probably won't in the future. After each 20 dollars I spend, I pause the ad for the rest of the month and post to the wall a couple of times a week, this usually gains me more Like's from my fans friends and also send a few people towards my website, not major though, they're there for a reason, not to go to your website, lol - and that's all there really is to it.

    I would suggest getting your fans from facebook to get on your list than try to sell them anything off the bat, once they're on your list they're actually worth more than website subscribers since they're on two points of contact with you, on facebook and on your list.

    Hope this helps
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    Hi I would advise you start off wirh cpc especially if you dont know what the response will be like. set your budget to $5/day and start with bid 5 cents above lowest suggested bid so you can start receiving impression once you do you should get some clicks. once that campaign hits 0.5% ctr switch to cpm as you have a winner and will save money this way. If you target foreign countries like mexico, pakistan, brasil etc you will see your suggested bid drop as opposed to US, UK western countries. Also keep your audience targeting reach to 15,000 or less will help lower cpc cost. Make sure targeting is specific to the target market you want to reach.

    Hope that helps. I explain all this in my WSO click below.

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    Thanks for this post. I have now an idea the cost of facebook ads. The inquiry that everyone shares here are helpful. Thanks again!
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