3 Volunteers Needed. I Will Mentor You For Free and Document Your Success Here on Forum

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Hey everybody

I know that alot of newbie warriors out there are struggling to make any money online.

I know exactly how you are feeling as I was once in your shoes myself.

I have decided to give something back to the forum, in the form of help to you newbies.

What I am going to do is look for 3 volunteers that are willing to listen to me and let me mentor you for a while. I am going to lead you by the hand to help you get started in the business.

You have to be somebody that has an interest or hobby of some sort.

I will personally tell you everything that you need to do and will practically do it for you. Although I wont create the content, so you need to be really interested and keen to get started.

This is a one time offer as I usually charge for this service but a post from a certain warrior has got me feeling generous today.

I would be keen to hear from some uk warriors also. Just drop me a pm if you are interested. A list of your interests would also be handy.

I will start a new thread very soon to document your progress when we get started if anybody wants to follow it along.

Good luck

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