***Warriors on Myspace! Automate or not?

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Hi Warriors!

I need some help and input! This one is BIG doubt!

We all know Myspace, right?

I have been getting a lot of traffic from myspace... through a lot of accounts on Myspace! And that's true, I have a lot of accounts on Myspace!

But here's my dilemma...

I have used Friend Blaster Pro for my business to add like 500 new friends to my account every day, and I had 5 accounts so that makes it 2500! Then I keep posting a lot on my blogs and bulletins, updating status once every hour whilst I am online! And this has been successfully generating A LOT of traffic and hence sales to my website!

But since I like doing stuff that is ETHICAL, and I just heard some one saying that using Automated Friend Request Software is not ETHICAL, I would like to have your opinions on this...

Is it unethical to use automated softwares even if they are making my life easier?

And I even recommend the FBP to my clients and students who learn traffic generation techniques from me!

As I have said, I never post crappy info on MYSPACE, and I really post only the most updated and valuable information on there! My profiles are always customized to build a personal relationship and trust and authority and credibility about me!

I really provide value and automate the boring task of sending requests to people using the software! Is it unethical?

Please take the time to reply even if it means just one word...
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    No replies? Strage... I was looking forward to hearing from you. What do you think? Is it ethical or not?
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      I'm not sure why someone would say it's unethical to use automation software. What was their reasoning? It would all depend on how you use it - are you spamming? If not, then, no, I don't see a problem with it.

      You're not forcing anyone to accept your messages/content. They have the option to drop off your friend-list and/or block you, right?

      I guess I just don't see the problem as long you're not spamming.

      I would be very interested to hear from the person/people that think it's unethical.


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