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Hi Warriors,

Can anyone direct me to instructions on how to set up aMember with ClickBank recurring payments? I need to have affiliates get paid for monthly membership sign ups.

Will ClickBank take care of when a member cancels...shutting down that particular payment to the affiliate?

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    Hi Allen,

    I could be way off here, but I think Clickbank needs its own link and Amember generates its own. For this reason I have been pretty reluctant to take up Amember.

    Let us know if you figure anything out.
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    -> What did you enter in for the thank you page for your product? (inside clickbank)
    -> Did you enter in your 'secret phrase' inside your clickbank account and aMember?

    - You need to enter in the thank you page plugin, rather than the .html thank you page.

    Also, with my experience with Paypal, aMember and recurring payments...if a user cancels their subscription, aMember will know, and the next month it will not let the person in.

    Note; the user can carry on accessing your membership for the month they paid for..even though they cancel their subscription for future installments.


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      Hi there Adeel,

      You lost me...

      I haven't done anything yet. I currently have the memberships going through Paypal (with the aMember Paypal plugin) but I want to change so that I can get an affiliate program up and running.

      So, I really haven't done anything yet. I have set up a ClickBank account for the recurring memberships, but I don't know how to integrate it with aMember.

      If there is another solution out there, I would have no problem switching...unless of course aMember can do it. I am kind of in a hurry as a couple of people with some rather large lists are offering to promote it for me...but of course, they will only do it if they can get affiliate commissisons...and I don't want to do it all manually!!!

      Allen Graves

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