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I'm seeking advice for how I could go about getting some specific tuition. I need to write articles for my financial niche (somewhat technical in nature) and want to both speed up my progress, and get my writing more efficient and fluid.

Now, I don't have a heap of money to spare because if I did, I'd outsource everything of course.

Does anyone know of how I might go about finding someone who could give me some direction or maybe even tuition?

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    Hi Icejay!

    Just a few quick points that may help:

    1. To make your writing more fluid - picture that you are explaining something financial to one of your friends that really doesn't "get it." It's a conversation, which means you won't be talking "at" your friend, but rather "to" them.

    2. To speed it up - make a topic list and then pick three points for each article. First paragraph intro, one paragraph for each point, final paragraph conclusion.

    Hope that helps!
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    Please PM me. I would glad to give you an hour or two of how-to via email.

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      Hi Ian,

      I find it helps to have a structure or framework to your articles, and then write around it. For example if your writing a short 300 word article it could just be:

      Intro - Explain what the article is going to talk about
      Main Section - Actually talk about it
      Conclusion - Restate the key points

      Just having a simple framework can really help the article become more fluid. It will also help your speed as you'll already have some idea of what your writing.

      If you need any help please PM me, I'd be happy to talk.
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    One technique I use when writing several articles on the same topic is to write tham at the same time.


    It's not as complicated as it sounds.

    1. Open up 5 to 10 blank files for writing.

    2. Write down one idea related to the topic per page.

    3. Go to file 1 and write everything that comes to mind for the topic listed on that page. Write as quickly as you can, with no thought of editing at all. Just write fast. As soon as you pause too long...

    4. Move on to file 2 and write everything that comes to mind. Once you can;t think of anything else...

    5. Go to file 3. Keep repeting the process until you get to the last file.

    6. Now, go back to file 1 and add more ideas to it. At this point you can take more time and do some editing, but not too much. Once you run out of things to write for file 1...

    7. Do the same with file 2.

    8. Keep repeating this process, slowing down each time you go back to file 1, until you are done.

    You may have to do a trial run following these steps to really appreciate it. The cool thing is that writing something in file 4 may give you ideas for file 1, and so on. You should be able to crank out high-quality articles more efficiently this way.

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      Here's my tips:

      1) Make it personal (like talking to the reader). Use "you" instead of "one" or "we" if possible.

      2) Make articles that actually help improve the lives of people. Popular ones are "How to..." or steps ("5 Steps to.., 7 Ways to.., etc.), but you may of course choose your style of writing... as long as it's captivating.

      3) Articles should be based on actual facts or research. If you're going to give an opinion, make sure it does not go against any proven facts, figures, stats, etc.

      4) Make it neutral for people of different races, religion, etc. Be careful when writing content that might offend people of different cultures. Research well.

      5) Don't write the way your English teacher taught you (because it's boring). That means you don't have to be grammatically perfect. You can start a sentence with "and", "but", etc. Use the simplest words so more people will understand your article.

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