What Twitter App Shows Followers Not Following Me?

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Hi Everyone,

Actually, I think the thread title might be a bit confusing.

What I meant to say is:
I read about a Twitter application that shows all the
Twitterers that I AM following, plus it shows all those
people I'm following who ARE NOT following me back.

With a "Mass Stop Following" button to stop following the
people that I checkoff, who are not following me in return.

Does anyone know which Twitter related website has this application?

This will help me out a great deal.

Thanks guys,
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    You'd really stop following people that don't follow you?
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    I sure as heck would. If they don't want to hear from me, it's not much of a social networking relationship there, is it?

    Twitter Karma USED to do what you are asking, Sandy, but I have found it to be very buggy and clunky of late.

    Peter Drew and I are working on software that would do this AND autounfollow after a certain number of days if someone does not follow you back. However it is not ready yet.

    The manual way to do it - if you look at your list of everyone that you are following...if you can not send them a direct message...they are not following you. Click REMOVE and that will un-follow them.

    Yes, it's tedious, I spend hours on it every week. There is also friendorfollow.com or lessfriends.com.
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    Kinda high schoolish isn't it? If you don't follow me I won't follow you.

    I follow whoever I find interesting and offers value.
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    Twitter limits the number of people that you can follow. I am on Twitter to a large extent to market my services, although I do it by building relationships on there and giving away free info relevant to my field.

    But every person who does NOT follow me is taking up space that could be occupied by someone who might become a business contact or customer or even just a friend. If they never hear a thing I say, there isn't much point in my following them. That's just me. Everyone has their preferred style.
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    Try this one Sandy.

    My Tweeple
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    Twitter is like my online chamber of commerce. I go there, I hang out, I shoot the breeze, I pass along some useful information about how to write press releases and how to get them in the newspaper, I ask people what they're up to, I answer questions...and some people hire me to write for them as a result.

    In my view, people are abusing Twitter when they send out nothing but links to Clickbank products or even nothing but links to their own latest articles or posts - but then, I just unfollow those people, and so do most Twitter users.

    I don't see anything wrong with using Twitter for networking as long as it's done in a sociable, helpful way.
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    Some people use twitter to expand their reach and market themselves. Others just want to use it to follow certain people.

    Personally, I only follow the people I'm interested in hearing from.

    No big deal either way.

    Solomon Huey
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    Thanks, guys! Oh, and Twitter is a great driver of traffic - I have driven several hundred visitors to my blog in a day by posting a link to blog posts. I also only put the blog up in October and it's now a PR3, and I believe that's mostly from Twitter.
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    Happy New Year to All!

    I just joined twitter a few hours ago. Lots of info for me to absorb and look into here. Thanks to you all! Any knowledge I can gain is much appreciated.
    I'll look into some of the links here about twitter to start. Thanks Again and again.......... Julie
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    I'm looking for people who are successfully using TwitterLocal

    This looks like a great tool for use with Twitter but I can't seem to make it work. I provide it my logon information and it just "spins" instead of logging on.

    Please help if you have any idea what might be wrong, I've tried using this from two different computers without success.
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    C'mon, let's be realiistic. Not everyone I follow on Twitter is on the same level. Yes, there are some I would follow regardless of whether they follow me. But then there is a much larger group that I follow because they follow me. For this group, I consider it worthwhile to follow them as long as they follow me back.

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    I've had a twitter account for a couple years now but I just started posting to it recently because people keep finding me and following me... many are names I know and recognize.

    I don't have a lot of people following me and I don't do anything to get them to follow me... they just follow me if they want to I get about a half dozen new followers a day lately because of all the IMrs buzzing about twitter.

    I see that one of the strategies for twitter is to follow everyone and their mother to get them to follow you.

    However, I think that its a pointless waste of time to follow someone you are not really interested in or in most cases do not even know.

    I have an affiliate who gets solid response from his twitter followers when he tweets about our products...

    However, what I do not get is how anyone expects to get anything out of twitter if they are following 1500 people tweeting about eating Twinkies.

    I must be missing something here but it looks like most people's approach to "following" is just a big waste of time that pretty much ruins the purpose of following someone when you have 1499 other twinky eaters tweeting over any quality tweet until its buried in Twinkies. If you are following 1500 people you are not really following anyone... you just end of with thousands of lines of useless chatter from people you do not know.

    I guess I'll have to keep tweeting once in a while though because it appears that people want to follow me for some crazy reason...

    If you want thousands of followers on twitter its easy to do... just find the most popular publishers in the IM niche and follow every single person that is following them. You'll have a couple thousand followers in no time because they have all been taught the same strategy.

    But as for me... I'm going to stick with the organic followers who follow me because they sought me out for that purpose. I'm too lazy to follow thousands of people just to hope that they ad me to a list of people that they "follow" but do not pay attention to.
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    If you are into some serious Twitter Marketing, try twtzilla.
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    Originally Posted by SandyHall View Post

    I read about a Twitter application that shows all the Twitterers that I AM following, plus it shows all those
    people I'm following who ARE NOT following me back.

    Does anyone know which Twitter related website has this application?
    I use Friend or Follow.

    David Jackson
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    Also, i should have mentioned that i like
    to give me a good look at my account and elp me unfollow the non reciprocating tweeps!
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    Give Tweet Whistle a try from Get Twitter Followers - Tweet Whistle The software is free to try and offers an option to unfollow users not following you back.

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    I have found that manageflitter dot com is the best one to use, cannot post link since i am a newbie but trust me It gives you a great view of stuff
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    I can also thumbs up tweet whistle, didn't use it for what the OP is discussing but for other twitter functionality it's good

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