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I currently run quite a few successful ads on, and as a new member, I've decided my first post will be to contribute my profitable strategy to the community.

Basically what I do is I run ads on plenty of fish targeting single mothers who are looking for love. This is really easy to do when with the POF platform, they give you a TON of data to work with. So you target single moms with an ad that says something like "How to find love as a single parent," or "Single Mom's dating guide..."

Something catchy like that. Then you take them to a squeeze page where if they enter in their information they get this free guide about dating for adults (you can find a free guide to give them online as a PLR ebook).

This way, you're capturing their email addresses, and single moms are one of the easiest demographics online to convert. I usually make my money back on the back end when I email them dating offers and work at home offers. Work at home affiliate offers tend to payout around $45-$50 per sale, and dating offers around $4-$8 per sale, so it works out nicely.

Anyway, if you have any questions about this strategy let me know and I hope this was a good contribution. Looking forward to helping my fellow warriors make some money!
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    Thank you, and welcome to the best bunch of folks in town!
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    This post proves one thing (not that it needed anymore proving).

    If you find an audience and market a product/service to them that they are INTERESTED in you will make sales.

    It's damn near a guarantee. Don't argue about it either. This is as black and white as it gets.
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    It is a quit good way to make money online.

    I hope it will useful for me.
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    Making money online is better than nothing to do. Nowadays, everyone venture to online marketing which is most succeed.
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    I spend alot of money on POF. While I have some success in various niches The one problem I seem to have advertising there is that people are notoriously "cheap" not wanting to spend a dime online (they are on a FREE dating site afterall) How do you get them to open their wallets?
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