Your avatar is a "?" why not update it

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Ok, I bit... I am getting a few friends in my friends list now...

But too many of you have not added an avatar yet and instead your name appears with this by it:

Now, I don't mind if you are my friend and do not want me to see your mug shot... but at least entertain me like Allen does with a picture of a little monkey :p

To update it go to the User CP (top left most link in red bar above) and then click edit avatar in your User CP.
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    I can understand why some of the scary-looking blighters like Myers, Taylor, and Brown may refrain from this, but you're right -- they could just put a fluffy kitten there.

    However, no matter how hideous you are, I'd rather see your real face and get to know you better.
    • Profile picture of the author zerofill
      Yeah...if your scared say your scared hehe....just kiddin...

      Blah I don't care who sees my mugg...just be glad you don't have to see it as much as my wife!

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