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Does a WSO thread still last 3 weeks before it is removed ?

I can't see any mention of this in the rules.

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    Originally Posted by Harvey.Segal View Post

    Does a WSO thread still last 3 weeks before it is removed ?

    I can't see any mention of this in the rules.

    I don't know about the 3 weeks rule but a have heard about the 6 page rule, once it pass the sixth page, it will be deleted. Anyway WSO are moving off faster than ever before
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      My experience says that the '6 page rule' has always been more implemented than the 3 week rule. Perhaps this is because my WSOs always seemed to be around for more than 3 weeks, , , it might be because I posted WSOs during a slower period, hence my WSO didnt go past page 6 in the allotted 3 weeks.

      I would suspect though, that if there were TONS of WSOs being posted that the WSO forum would go beyond 6 pages if particular WSOs got beyond page 6 in under a 3 week period
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    Hi Harvey,

    Sales are pretty much dead after the second week anyway, in fact, after the first week, they
    seem to tail off sharply. Nobody wants to look deeper than the second page. Shame really,
    because they miss out on some great deals. WSO's have been known to go up to about 7 to
    8 pages before they fall off the end. So in theory you could last longer than 3 weeks in slow
    WSO posting times, but I suspect, not much longer.

    I know that doesn't directly answer your question directly, but hopefully it'll help a little.

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      Since you can adjust how many posts show on each post from within your user CP, from what I have heard anyway, I don't think the page rule will have as much weight on the new forum software.

      I noticed that using the forum defaults there are now 10 pages of WSO's.
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    Looking at some stats in my WSO Tracker database, only a total of 16 WSOs have been deleted since the new forum was released.

    Also, based on the date these WSOs were created, it doesn't seem that the date they were posted has any bearing on when they were deleted, suggesting that they were deleted because the seller requested their removal.

    Time will tell - or Allen will respond to this thread!

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      Once your WSO leaves page 2 its basically a wrap when it comes to sales.
      In the old forum we could bump it once it reached page 3 but now we have to start a whole new thread which kinda stinks because if you have a hot WSO thread you basically lost that one and need to start from scratch.

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