HELP! Infinity Ads Pop-Up appearing on my site... Without any authorization

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Hi all,

I have recently noticed that a pop-up appears when visiting my main website,, which is served by "Infinity Ads". This happens on all pages. I have not added any code to the site for these ads, have no account with that company, and can only imagine the site was hacked and the ad code placed (site has quite high traffic).

I have tried to find and delete the code unsuccessfully. Does anyone have any advice for how I can get rid of the ads, as I have noticed a BIG increase in Bounce rate in the last few days while the ads have been served.


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    Kev can you share the Site URL?
    Maybe your site was hacked and somebody put the code in there?
    Have you checked the source code and see Infinity Ads ads code added there?

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    Moshin - URL is ... I have been searching the individual wordpress files to see if it's hidden there but not luck yet.

    NastyDevil - thanks for the tip, will download chrome now and try that out... if the code is not in the source, or index.php is there anywhere else i should be searching?

    thanks again
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    Beautiful site. I see those popups and popunders ... they're still popping up on my computer as I type. Do you have a database backup for the site? If so, I think you could probably rid yourself of this just by restoring the database. You might ask your host to do a restore ... if your host is Hostgator, they are usually very helpful and responsive when asked to remove malware from sites hosted on them.
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    Thanks Suzanne... I use a local host and will enquire about that.

    I have inspected the element and can see the ad code.. Next question: Where on the backend of the site can I find the trigger for this code and delete it. (cannot find anything in source or wordpress php files)
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    Hi Kev,

    Yeah it seems your db is infected ... Follow Suzanne and you will have it sorted soon.
    Good Luck!

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    damn I am getting popunder

    anyone else. jeez not good.
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    Nice site really. If you weren`t the creator then I`d immediately change my login details for security reasons. The popups indicate that your site was probably hacked. Just search for "Infinity ads" and "popup" in the source code (and even sql db) and remove the entire popup code.
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    I found the code!

    It appears that the site was hacked, and additional code was inserted into the normal advertising code within one of the widgets. So whenever our regular ads appeared in the sidebars this triggered a pop-up and pop-under. It was a single line of code with a link, with no mention of pop-ups, and didn't stand out at all from the other coding. Needless to say it has been removed and much sterner measures put in place to protect the site in future!

    Thanks for all your help. Hopefully this thread will help others in the future who are similarly hacked.
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    Glad to hear that's sorted out. That was really annoying.

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