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    Originally Posted by hpgoodboy View Post

    Dear Warrior,

    I publish a magazine and want to get more subscribers.

    My target is 50 new subscribers per day.

    What I am looking for is a bright idea how to pull this
    off without breaking the bank.

    Please tell me your ideas. Or maybe you are interested
    in a Joint Venture.

    Maybe ListJoe.com


    EDIT: Saw the word PAID after I posted. Sorry, I may have given you bad advice. Ignore!
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      I'll assume from your subject title that you want 50 paid subscribers per day right.

      Well, you need to spend some cash to meet that goal so I would look into adwords for sure.

      But, that being said you may want to test out Blogg advertising.

      1. Search Google with your very best keyword phrase that your ideal customer would actually use to find information about the topic. (Make sure the keyword phrase is actually getting traffic)

      2. Look at the top 10 results in Google...

      3. Go to Big-Board.com and see if there are any forums in your niche....

      4. Go to blogsearch.google.com/ and find blogs in your market, see how much traffic they are getting and look for advertising opportunities.

      I did this for a market I'm in and I found that I could get a 125x125 banner ad on a blog that was getting 17,000 uniques a month for $200.

      Direct this traffic to a free issue of your magazine along with a few other exclusive bonuses they would like. These bonuses need to be unique and not some useless RR product.

      If you do this and pile on the bonuses, get them subscribed to a list (free list) then have a series of about 5 - 10 emails go out to them over the next few weeks each time giving them valuable information and a reminder about your magazine subscription at the bottom you should have no problem getting to this goal...

      At the end of the 10 emails if they are still not a paying subscriber then you should do a little mass control on them and use the 4 day cash machine to convert them...

      If you think this is too much work think again, if you want to reach your goal you need to do this... You can outsource it but only you truly know your market and how they think and talk ...

      Mike Hill

      Mike Hill
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    How about inclusion with directories such as Magazines.com

    Sell subscriptions over at eBay, this should generate some interest

    Give free subscriptions to your current members who refer you to
    their friends (give the new friends a special discount)

    Send your magazine to professional offices (doctors, lawyers, etc)
    in your town and/or other major cities

    Send copies to your favorite celebs

    Hook-up with other mag publishers to see if they'll promote you

    I'm curious to know what you've done so far

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