Has anyone ever promoted and generated traffic to a fiction website?

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Fiction - not fictional

Basically I'm looking to get a whole bunch of signups for people interested in a novel that will be released in the future.

Has anyone successfully drummed up qualified "readers" to a fiction website?

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    Yes, and it was incredibly easy compared to non-fiction, i created 1,635 sign ups in one month, which isn't a lot, but it was little to no work...

    1) Hit a lot of forums( 3 post per day in 3 forums = 340 sign ups)
    2) Blogged in Story format, giving away pieces = 400 sign ups
    3) Two Jv's = The rest

    I have a lot of connections in the fictional world of marketing, give me a PM with some more information maybe I can help you out
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    Never sold fiction before but here is something that may work for you.

    What I would do is set up a review site for existing popular fiction books. Put one review for each book per page and optimize each page for the search engines. Then build backlinks like crazy.

    On each page put a link to your book's site.

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    Hey that's a great idea, Terry!


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      I read of one guy who tried to get his book to appear on Amazon's best seller list by offering everyone in his list a bunch of bonuses if they bought on a certain date. His book was non-fiction and he had a pretty big list. I'm not sure how well it worked out for him but I thought it was a pretty neat idea.

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    Hey Sam,

    I know 2 people who ran traffic to their fiction site. They were both hardbacks or physical books, and then they turned around and digitalized them and made audios at a later point.

    They used offline methods mixed with what Terry was talking about.

    For instance, the website URL for the author's site was on the inside of the book cover. When he did a book signing, he reminded people where to find his website.

    The woman was selling fiction books, and got one author to agree to a local book signing, complete with handouts, posters, etc .... She also set the site up as a review site, but added a twist to it by offering authors a chance to put up a column. She only got 2 authors to participate, but it made all the difference in the world.

    After this, her site took off like a bat out of hades.

    Hope this helps ...


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