Does a Tell a Friend script work for you?

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I’m thinking of adding one but would appreciate your thoughts.

I use to use them and the results were spotty from one site to another. Content web sites seem to pull a lot of referrals but Squeeze Pages almost never. What is your take on the subject in general?


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    I use TAF on a content site. It seems to bring in a little additional traffic and it's nice to see good comments about the content.

    IMHO, I don't think it hurts to have one on the site, so anything they bring is a bonus.

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    It all really depends on the niche and the target audience, same principle as a pop ups some will work some wont. My best performing tell a friend so far was the tell a friend detonator xl if the friend can get their friend to visit my site within x amount of time they get a FREE Product/software.

    If the product is related to the niche then all the much better.

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