What is a "good" conversion rate for free offer/opt-in page?

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Hi Warriors!

I know, I know. Slap me on the wrist. I'm finally growing up to be a Big Girl Marketer and am now tracking my pages. (It's only been a year or so. What?)

So, I have about a month's worth of tracking on my free offer/invite site/opt-in pages. I have a percentage from Google Analytics. Yay me. Except I have no idea what that percentage means.

I mean, I KNOW what it means-- that's the percent of visitors who opted in. But I don't know what to compare it to. Is a 2% opt-in rate average? Or is 50% average? Or 95%? I seriously don't know.

I've seen some anecdotal evidence somewhere along the way that about 1% is good, but I have no idea where I heard that or in what context; it could have been something completely dfferent.

So here I am hoping my clear subject line will attract some helpful advanced Warriors (Kevin Riley, I hope I did ok!. Saw your rant earlier and I always try to be clear in my communications -- it is what I do after all :-) ).


Thanks folks!
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    Hi Felicia!

    Great move to start tracking your results - this will make you grow leaps and bounds!

    You should get a much higher conversion rate when you're offering something for free, but it will mainly come down to the type of traffic you get and what your advertising says to get people to your landing page.

    I'm currently achieving a 55% conversion rate on my free Online Marketing Strategy eBook, but I'm working on ways to increase this even more.

    Hope this helps!
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    Hi Felicia,

    It really depends on where your traffic is coming from. Are they PPC traffic? Organic search engine traffic? Or is your traffic coming from your list? These are just some of the factors that will determine an 'acceptable' opt-in rate.

    I assume you're talking about organic traffic, so I'd say that an opt-in rate of 40% or higher is great. 60% would be awesome.

    I think the 1% rate you mentioned has to do with a salespage the conversion rate (i.e. percentage of people who BUY your product). On average, I think most people get 2% for this.

    Hope this helps!

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