Can You Make Decent Money Collecting Soda Cans?

by feedtherightwolf 59 replies
I am just looking to supplement my income. I have a wedding to pay for in less than a year, and am trying to save/ear as much as I can.

My work has a lot of buildings, and there is a lot of recycling containers all over the place. I was thinking may be I could make a few extra bucks by collecting used cans and recycling them?

I am not sure if I am being too cheap, or if I am being entrepreneurial. I was wondering if anybody had similar experience. Thanks!
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    Spent a bunch of time and totally loaded up my pickup truck with cans. Got about $7 for it and probably wasted more gas than the $7.
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      Originally Posted by troybh View Post

      Spent a bunch of time and totally loaded up my pickup truck with cans. Got about $7 for it and probably wasted more gas than the $7.
      Yep, that one is going to depend on the gas.

      Now, what might be an interesting study to do is this:

      Start up a Facebook fan page - or even a blogger blog

      Get all your friends and family involved who will be going to the wedding event

      Set it up so that they save all their recycles for you, and drop them off to your house.

      Put up a regular tab that shows how much has been collected for the wedding.

      Use that as just one source, and work on some additional things.

      If you are in the US, a lot of people like to do the freecycle thing. They go on Craigs list, get something that is free, and then go post it on ebay to sell.

      Brainstorm and come up with a list of things to try.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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      Originally Posted by troybh View Post

      Spent a bunch of time and totally loaded up my pickup truck with cans. Got about $7 for it and probably wasted more gas than the $7.
      You may want to start saving up for a another truck before it is over.

      If Gov allows 51 cents per mileage and it just went up ... then you have a better idea where you stand.
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    That right there is the REAL bum marketing!

    It could work, but it depends how many cans you have access to.

    You might be able to make much more money doing something else with
    your time, as that may be quite time consuming...


    At $0.05 cents per can, you would need 20,000 cans for every $1,000 you want to make.
    If you got $0.10 cents/can -- You'd need 10,000 cans per $1,000 and so on... Seems tough, especially considering a wedding costs at least $5,000 - $10,000+ (More like $20k).
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      You buy them from business owners who have lots. Go get them daily or weekly depending on the volume.

      Pay 50% of the value and pocket the rest.

      Many business owners find pop cans and bottles a hassle to deal with, and if someone comes in and clears them out of there with cash in hand it is cheaper to accept the cash than send an employee or use their own time to take them in.


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    I'd suggest spending your time doing niche sites and selling them off when they are profitable ...

    Good Day People! This is my fav search engine: Google

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    have a backyard wedding...

    yes, I am....

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    if the cans are in a recycling bin they may be the property of that city, so be careful on that one.
    When I was a little kid I used to collect bottles for just 2 cents and cans did not count back then.

    Something new soon.

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    hmmm... ya that is a waste of time. Just go to the court house
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    THIS works...I know, I have done it for an organization.

    1. Develop a route for picking up garbage
    2. Speak to some local businesses in and around those routes and ask if they will sponsor your activities
    3. Get business to furnish some simple signs AND a shirt with their info (Honk if you love Clean Streets)
    4. issue a simple press release to local paper about the efforts
    5. Hit the streets, cleaning them up, giving promo and press to your sponsor, collect the money. You can easily lock in $250+ for a business that wants a FEEL GOOD boost plus some direct advertising

    The cans? A means to an end...the MARKETING is what pays the bills...

    Mac the Knife (now, most will NEVER do this...that is why so much OPPORTUNITY exists in the world...most never take advantage of it...)
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    sounds you got sometime to waste. Cans wouldn't make you any money they paying per pound. I would say working online click ads may pay you better
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    Honestly there are much better means to making money, even via offline.

    You aren't gonna get rich collecting cans, that's for sure.

    Spend the time that you would collecting cans providing a service online, there's gotta be something that you can market on Fiverr which will make you more money than collecting cans.

    Take the time that you saved that you would've spent collecting cans and put it into learning something of value online or creating a valuable asset that you can flip. You won't learn much collecting cans, but you can learn anything you want on the internet.
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    I collect cans that are tossed where I go rock hunting. When I lived in Idaho cans were only 15 cents per pound. Over the summer I collected them from sites I was at and saved them to see what I could get. I got 30 bucks. Mind you I never went looking for them, just picked up what was laying in my path. Would have collected the plastic too if there had been a price on it, although sometimes I did pick up other trash just for GPs to clean a nice site up if I had a place to take the trash and bags to collect it.

    In New York I collected cans around a 4 mile or so block I walked Munchie around. There was a 5 cent deposit on them. Plastic and glass ones, too. I got a tank of gas out of it. Gas was cheaper, though, then. I can't remember the price but it was a little over 2 bucks a gallon.

    I just moved to NV and will probably pick them up at rock hunting sites here, too. To me its just right to clean them up if you walk by them - and if it can make you a few bucks to do that, you earned it for caring about pollution and people turning the whole earth into their trashcan. You won't support yourself doing that so it may not be worth doing for real cash, but everyone should just do it anyhow. Even if the cans and bottles just go in a trashcan when they get to one.

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