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Secret tip from me... Keep this one on the DL, it's just for you warriors...

One of the most profitable changes I've ever made to sales copy was very simple. It took me 20 minutes (and that includes the time it took to re-upload the site), and made a 2% difference to conversion.

What was it?

I grouped my bullets in threes. I've yet to figure out the psychology behind this - maybe one of you has this insight.

It has worked in every niche, every time. Not always a full 2% increase, but it increases conversion more than any other grouping. 3, 6, 9, 12 bullets - they all work. 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11 - for some reason, they don't convert as well.

There's my secret for all of you... Try it. I dare ya! Another one tomorrow... This one about pricing. It's juicy!

- Cherilyn
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    Hi Cherilyn,

    Do you mean by including 3, 6 etc bullets in one place, then go with some text, then again bullets with 3, 6..?
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      Any multiple of 3 seems to work, but I'd be sure to test going above 12 (I've never gone above that, because it seems to be overkill - but it would be interesting to test!!)

      On that note, bonuses in 3's seem to work, too. And testimonials... 3 is just a good number in copy I think.

      You can include all your bullets in once place if you want, just add to them until there is a multiple of 3 and it seems to work better.

      - Cheryl
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    So, let's say, for grins, that you have a sparkling 5% conversion rate.
    how many more sales is a 2% increase in sales?
    so, .05 x .02 = .0010.
    In other words, 1 additional sale in 1000 visits.

    I have to wonder if there's enough data to have sufficient
    statistical confidence levels that what you say is actually
    a cause-effect relationship or simply noise.

    Live Joyfully!

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      Judy - I'm sorry, I didn't explain that right - the conversion rate went up by 2%. The original rate had been 1.7% or something close, it jumped up to 3.7%.

      I'm just too tired to do the proper math. But thats a 100%+ increase in that particular instance with no other changes, and I've seen similar (albeit slightly less spectacular) results in other niches.

      Hope that helps!

      - Cheryl
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      Or did you mean that there was a full 2 percentile increase, meaning your would have gone from 5% to 7%? That would be much more attractive! He he!

      Regardless, the idea of bullets is always a great suggestion and I have to say that i usually group mine in 5s, so switch to a 3 then 2 (or add something so I get a 3 then3 situation) and see what happens. Why not? Worth a shot!

      Thanks for the tip and I'll post if I see a change in conversions.

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    Hi Cherilyn,

    I remember reading a tip about grouping sidebar menu links in threes which apparently resulted in visitors reading more pages... Looks to be something in this "list of three"...

    I can't remember the details (where are those notes when you need them?), and if I remember correctly it's to do with absorbing information "at a glance" and not overwhelming the reader with too many options/ideas at one time.
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      This is certainly an interesting fact! Every little bit helps, and in this case, it could even double some of our conversions. I'll take that any day!

      I had been striving for 7 bullets, because 7 is a good number. Some lady on the radio who is a numerology expert said that 7 is a good number. 7 is also a good number in the Bible.

      The number 8, however, is considered the money number.

      I never tested how the number of bullets affected conversion. It's great to know this trend of 3s. Thanks for letting us know.

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    Thanks for the tip! There's a fairly well known copywriting rule about 3's when used in a list of benefits, eg. "faster, cheaper and easier to use" or "bigger, harder and stronger!"...
    well, you know.

    Never thought of applying that rule to bullets, though. Great idea.
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    Originally Posted by Cherilyn Lester View Post

    I grouped my bullets in threes. I've yet to figure out the psychology behind this - maybe one of you has this insight.

    - Cherilyn

    There is a definite psychological reason...but TESTING is what gives you ammunition. We have 35 years and mountains of evidence that says you are right...almost.

    Try alternating 3 bullet points, 3 short paragraphs, 3 ideas, with FIVE.

    And highlight the one in the middle with some eye candy...something that pulls the eye to the middle bullet point.

    You could use BOLD.
    YOU MAY WANT to ty to make it a little bit longer.
    You could highlight it.

    Not enough time now to get into the CADENCE of subvocalization (poet's know all about it) and how it effects your brain waves.

    Also, ask any LANDSCAPER in your neighborhood why they plant in 3s and 5s and not in even numbers. It has to do with upsetting balance on purpose, to force the eye to look where you want it too.

    There is OVERKILL in using too many bullets, unless that is your SHOW a lot of information that mostly gets skimmed over BEFORE the committment to buy, but often gets read when the product is delivered or after purchase.

    IF your buyer can find just ONE bullet point that isn't in your product, it is grounds for a refund and/or a slap in the face.

    Bullet points are used to UPSET and Interrupt with purposeful intention the reader's unconscious cadence and to bypass certain CONSCIOUS elements that could prevent them from buying...add emotion to your bullet points and watch another increase.


    Three is good
    Five is good
    Evoke emotion-Bitches! (used for example sake)
    Make them purposeful
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      Thanks for that Cherilyn!

      I'd like to add that for a product in the personality development niche, No. 4 worked best for me.

      I split tested 2,3,4,5,6,7

      And the salesletter with 4 testimonials, 4 case studies, 4 bullets, 4 ebooks and 4 audios worked the best for me.

      Although I didn't really chage the contents of the product, I had to repackage it in the end!

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